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Synthetic Turf Management provides artificial grass for MUGAs (multi use games areas) in primary schools, secondary schools and SEN schools.

STM have designed and installed artificial grass in secondary schools, primary schools and SEN schools. Our priorities are safety and durability; we only deliver the best services and products and offer ongoing maintenance.

When installing a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA), you have to ensure that it’s done to the highest standards possible and meeting industry standards SAPCA.

At STM, we guarantee that you will receive top-notch MUGA sports and educational facility services, especially when it comes to synthetic turf surfacing with the option of play surface and pad or international level pad and surface to meet national governing body standards. This includes fencing, floodlights to detailed base construction. STM also offers upgraded and refurbishment of existing playground, Tennis Courts and pitches.

A multi-use game area is essentially a sports surface that can accommodate a wide range of activities. They are categorised as follows:

  • Type 1 and Type 2: These are primarily suitable for sports like netball, basketball and tennis. They feature slip coatings for added grip and are often coloured.
  • Type 3 and Type 4: These types of MUGAs feature a polymeric rubber surface finish and are suitable for 5-a-side football, netball and basketball among others.
  • Type 5A: These are 2G sand-filled surfaces with synthetic grass finish. They are more versatile and stable and that is why they are suitable for hockey and football in clubs and astroturf for schools.
  • Type 5B: The surfacing is mostly sand but dressed by astroturf for playgrounds finish, mostly ideal for hockey. It allows for smooth rolling of balls, making them ideal for professional matches.
  • Type C : Features a multisport needle punch finish, especially suitable for hockey and football or even running tracks in athletics.
  • 3G MUGA: These are the highest turf specification surfaces having natural qualities suitable for professional rugby and football matches. They feature rubber and sand infill to enhance safety and performance.

As MUGA contractors, we take pride in installing high-quality outdoor pitches, including macadam, artificial grass for schools, and polymeric rubber. We ensure that all our installs are able to accommodate different kinds of activities and games. You can always reach out and experts will be ready to help you get the best bespoke facility for your school or club.

MUGAs are ideal for sports clubs and schools since they are cost-effective spaces, helping you avoid putting up other spaces. They can also be especially useful if you have limited space in your school.

Advantages of MUGAs

MUGA's are often found at sports clubs, schools and colleges since they accommodate a variety of sports and activities. Installing these facilities can offer immense benefits like:

  • Helping you make the most out of your available outdoor space.
  • School-going children can make the most of their space.
  • They can accommodate versatile designs including playground astroturf and hard courts.
  • You don’t have to install multiple facilities within your premises.
  • They are suitable for a variety of activities and sports.
  • These facilities only require minimal maintenance.

MUGA Installation

As experts in this field, STM MUGA installers have plenty of industry experience to make sure that we only install the best MUGA design using premium materials and superior playground equipment. Some of the sports equipment we use during installs are tennis nets, fencing, recess goal posts among others.

Our team of professional MUGA school contractors will ensure that they complete all the surfaces and MUGA installation at the right time while ensuring that everything is above standard.

We only use premium range materials and the best professionals in this field to ensure that you are happy with the MUGA play area that you paid for.

MUGA Playground

In case you need it, we can be available to install any additional sports facilities, equipment and extras to help you completely utilise the available space you have. It can be anything from floodlighting to rebound fencing.

Furthermore, we can apply anti slip paint coatings to polymeric or macadam court surfaces using a wide range of vivid colours. Also, we can paint lime markings for a variety of sports like tennis, netball and basketball. Moreover, we give you full control over the design of your MUGA to ensure that it fully fits your needs.

If you need any professional advice, make sure you contact us today. We will gladly come back to you with the necessary feedback including the services we offer; what materials are available and how soon we can do that for you. Additionally, one of our experts will be happy to talk you through a number of things including construction, specifications and costs.

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Schools and colleges are now required to take part in numerous sporting events and meet various sporting requirements within the national curriculum. We can design an artificial surface for you that accommodates a range of different sports, including football, tennis, hockey, netball and general training. While tennis is played on a shorter pile turf, football requires longer and softer pile turf blades. This is why a combined synthetic turf area can be a great option, especially if space is limited and budgets are right in council run facilities.

Sport England recommends Type 5 synthetic turf pitches, which are sand filled or sand dressed. These are suitable for playing most sports, including training for athletics and rugby.

Synthetic Turf Management also specialise on Macadam, Polymeric and Acrylic MUGA surfacing.