PE in Schools Using Synthetic Turf Management (STM)

24th June 2016

With obesity levels still rising and a whopping third of 10-11 year olds considered obese, us as providers of sport aim to couple and work together with schools to encourage activity and aim to tackle this growing problem within the UK. How might we do this? By increasing PE in schools through implementing appropriate sports facilities that engage, inspire and attract young people to a wide range of sports.

pupils in PE on school muga

But where does it all start? Here at Synthetic Turf Management, we believe it all starts in the sports facilities. Providing a designated area in your school should be a priority, but ensuring that it caters to everything you need including safety, sports offered and low maintenance means that you can do something bigger and better for your pupils to give them the best opportunities in life.

Synthetic turf surfaces are perfect for this option, STM offer a wide range of products including MUGAs which can combine a variety of different sports onto one surface which optimises space and contributes to an exceptional standard of PE in schools.

What can we offer you?

STM can provide a number of different benefits that will ensure that sport will take off in your school:

  • Safety is a priority and you can be sure that all sports can be played with rest assured
  • An optimisation of space which means that multiple sports can be played to address the curriculum for PE in schools.
  • Bespoke pitch markings that cater to the age and ability of your pupils
  • An easy to maintain surface that lasts up to 20 years. See more here
  • A surface that can ensure sports are played on a regular basis as neither rain nor snow can reduce playing time.

 Examples of Sports Surfaces that have helped PE in Schools


hockey team at cullercoats school

pupils playing hockey on synthetic turf muga

young children playing on school muga

children in pe using artificial grass muga

primary school pupil looking pleased with new school muga

Think you could spruce up your premises and help tackle the exercise problems of children in the UK. The first step to all is looking at PE in schools and identifying potential improvements.