Safety Surfacing & Astro Turf Underlay

STM offers shock pad systems for synthetic turf areas to ensure utmost safety for users. This type of astro turf underlay has been safety tested and provides a stable surface for all. It also helps to protect and keep the turf secure.

A shock pad system can be fitted to all types of surfaces and is fitted underneath the synthetic grass providing a safe, clean and dry playing surface.

  • High degree of elasticity and shock absorbance
  • Open structure offering super drainage
  • Long product lifespan
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Shock pad layers depending on the critical fall height required to meet European standards EN1177 for up to 3m

This, in turn, provides a safety surface for your outdoor area.

Synthetic Turf Pro Play Scmitz Rubber Pad.

The shock pad increases the drainage capability of any installation both vertically and horizontally. The open cell construction of the mat allows water to pass easily and readily between the closed cell flakes, which means no long term surface water will pool on the synthetic surface.

STM PLAY PAD are easy to install under synthetic turf surfaces. The pads are manufactured with interconnecting dovetail joints [jig saw pieces], which enables them to be locked together to provide a solid safety surface base for a playground or sports pitch made from artificial turf. The pads can be cut to size and shaped around play equipment.

Synthetic Turf Management Sport pad are specially designed for sports including football, rugby and tennis. Pre-formed pad and Insitu paved pad are successfully used throughout Europe and has proved to be a positive advancement in artificial grass sports surfacing for both players and contractors alike. STM Sport pads are the ideal energy absorber for use beneath synthetic grass and sport surfaces. It’s also an ideal drainage medium with both horizontal and vertical drainage systems to reduce surface water on artificial sport surfaces.

Some benefits of Sport pads:

  • Horizontal and vertical drainage
  • Easy to install
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Consistent performance
  • Quality controlled factory production
  • Supports safety surface

Synthetic Turf Management SPORTPAD is a roll out pad system offered in a number of depths typically 5mm, 10mm and 15mm and used under playground and sports synthetic turf surfaces. The Sport Pad can be installed underneath the synthetic turf and comes in easily installed rolls to again support the idea of a safety surface.

5mm and 10mm Rubber Pad (artificial grass underlay) used for playgrounds and MUGA’s.