Artificial Turf Football Pitches

STM manage your artificial turf football pitch installation from initial design and planning to construction, maintenance and aftercare.

We work with a range of artificial grass manufacturers and installers all over the UK to provide a top performing pitch for your specific needs.

Football Synthetic Turf Football Pitches

Do you need a synthetic turf football pitch? Then STM World can provide your ideal surface solution.

From installation of a new artificial turf surface to resurfacing solutions, STM offer the right surfaces for your club, ground or school.

Synthetic turf for football surfaces can provide the ideal, cost-effective solution for all weather playing surfaces.

Artificial Turf Football Pitches

At STM we provide the best in artificial football turf technology. Our product is made from soft, non abrasive fibres that are designed to replicate natural grass. This technology means that the football sits perfectly with the surface, and footballers are able to slide-tackle and perform naturally. 

Our synthetic turf comes in a varied range, with the product coming in long pile turf in both monofilament and fibrillated yarns.

Sand Filled Football Pitches

One of the that we offer is sand filled football pitches. Sand filled and more traditional astro turfs have a short pile and are filled to approx. 5mm below the top of the fibre. This system is typically cheaper whilst offering a variety of sports uses, not just football. Sand-dressed astro turfs are typically denser and filled with less sand than the sand filled surfaces.

3G Football pitches

Third generation (3G) football pitches come in a variety of pile heights from 40mm to 65mm. 3G turfs come with a combination of silica sand, which is installed at the bottom, and rubber infill, which is layered to create a secure platform and shock absorption. This addds resilience and gives a controlled ball bounce.

3g Football Pitch

Walsall FC 3G training pitch installed November 2016.

Can you play football on artificial grass?

The simple answer is yes, you can play football on any artificial grass or synthetic grass surface. Most people think that playing football on an artifical surface would be very bad for your knees. While that may be true in some cases where the artificial turf is of a cheaper quality (or older which has lost its shock absorbency properties), the modern day artificial turf that STM offers is fantastic to play on. It gives you a great bounce for football players straightaway after being laid. The shock absorbency properties are much less then real grass which is good for your joints and football can be played at a very high pace on our freshly laid football artificial turf pitches. 

The problem with playing a football game on real grass, is that you need to wait for around 3 days before you can play again. This can be a big problem for those who run football leagues where the games take place every other day and it goes through the winter months when there's very little sun and it's cold and damp (due to dew).

For this reason it's quite common to see football clubs having both real grass and artificial grass football pitches. So when the real grass pitches are unavailable due to rain or heavy use, they can play on the artificial turf. The same goes for schools who have no choice but to play on the weekend of spells of bad weather.

The Specification

We use everything from community level to FIFA approved products: strong, reliable, long-lasting. We wouldn't play it any other way!

STM will cater football synthetic turf to your specific needs. Pitches can be designed in various sizes depending on use and include the option of fencing systems and rebound boards, which create a safe playing environment. As part of the fencing installation we can install goal recesses and pitch dividers to enhance the overall usage of the pitch.

STM can also install football floodlighting solutions from our partner The Sports Lighting Company, which can offer design, installation, and maintenance solutions for football sports lighting.

Pitch markings and cross pitch markings offer a range of playing areas, including 5-a-side football. Pitch dividers provide separate areas for training and team coaching. Seating and shelter installation is also available.

Football Pitch Installers

Is your pitch looking old, worn and lacking in performance? Did you know that STM can also offer resurfacing for your football pitch?