Artificial Turf Hockey Pitches

STM leads in the field of artificial turf hockey pitches.

We know that a hockey pitch requires the best technology in artificial turf, as well as ongoing maintenance. That’s why we provide high-tech FIH approved turf.

Artificial Grass Hockey Pitches

Synthetic Turf Management provides high-tech, durable synthetic turf hockey pitches.

Hockey clubs from international to local club level are moving towards synthetic turf pitches. Because of technological advancements in the turf production industry, players can now perform to the highest level, whilst clubs have the benefit of a year-round training facility.

  • Tailored pitch design
  • Fencing and lighting systems
  • Resurfacing and new court support
  • Pitch marking options
  • A suitable drainage system
  • Twin bar fencing system with kick boards to withstand the impact of the hockey ball
  • Fast and true ball bounce

Professional artificial turf hockey pitch.

The International Hockey Federation (the world’s governing body) is continually looking for advancements and alternative surfaces, such as synthetic turf, that reduce the dependence on expensive nylon systems. This has led to PP and PE wet fields – both types are already used for international matches.

The area of a hockey pitch is 91.4m long x 55m wide with a 3m run off at the sides and ends. Synthetic Turf Management ensure that the construction of the pitch is built on an “engineered base” with a suitable drainage system and with kick boards to withstand the impact of the hockey ball.

An example of the paint work on our artificial hockey pitches.

There are various different turf options to choose from. For example, sand dressed astro surfaces offer a shorter, densely tufted pile and a soft curled yarn that is part filled with silica sand. Sand dressed surfaces are laid on a rubber pad to meet the International Hockey Federation’s playing standards. Sand filled systems tend to be the cheaper option.

There are plenty of synthetic turf products available, it’s just a matter of finding the right option for you. It’s also important to consider fencing and lighting options; which can make your players’ experience safer. The Sports Lighting Company is our partner for hockey sports lighting solutions. At STM we understand that every club and every sport have totally different needs, which is why we pride ourselves on offering a totally tailored service, as well as on going synthetic turf maintenance.