TIPS for Multi Use Games Areas and Client Trends in the Industry

14th November 2017

Every day we hear lots of questions about MUGAs (multi use games areas): What are they? How are they installed? Why would we recommend a MUGA? Well we have comprised all of your frequently asked questions and used these for our blog today to help you understand if a MUGA is right for you and to optimise this, so you get the most out of it.

Our Customers

As we work with a variety of different facilities including sports clubs and schools, there are often many different people we deal with. Facilities Managers, Caretakers, Bursars and even Headteachers are all involved in the process. However typically it is usually schools that are the main customers of Multi use games areas. This is because the National Curriculum states a variety of different sports need to be played in schools and a MUGA can help do just that! See our recent MUGA surfacing double tennis court work. 

When and why we would recommend a MUGA?

If there is limited space available we would recommend a MUGA, especially if different sports are played. Therefore, MUGAs are particularly good for inner city schools where space might be an issue. There are times when we would recommend against a MUGA. For example, there are some sports that wouldn’t be suitable to play a game on with the multi-sport grass such as rugby. As rugby is more of a contact sport it needs a specific type of artificial grass. In these circumstances we would recommend an artificial rugby pitch as opposed to a MUGA. Furthermore, there are other obstacles that may interfere with your MUGA install such as access, funding and condition of the ground/base. All of which we can recommend appropriate solutions.

How can you make the most out of your Multi Use Games Area?

One way in which you can maximise return on your investment is to hire out your facilities to the public. Not only does this contribute to the local community in offering a variety of different sports, but it can also generate a revenue. Some of our projects have influenced the start-up of walking football clubs and even 5-a-side teams. During the process of building your MUGA, we offer fencing and floodlighting solutions as a way in which you can make the most out of your surface and unlock an array of future opportunities!

green multi use games area with yellow and white line markings


We understand the design and construction of your pitch/court is vital. We can help you optimise your space with an extensive array of options for size, colour, markings, fencing & lighting and gate positions. We’ll guide you through the process of designing your turf, so that you can visualise your pitch/court before its construction. 

Try our free pitch builder, or give us a call to talk to one of our experts.