School MUGA Installation

Synthetic Turf Management is proud to provide artificial grass surfaces and MUGAs (multi use games areas) in primary schools, secondary schools and SEN schools. Our surfaces are designed to be safe and durable for players of all ages, and we also offer full maintenance services to keep your surface looking its best. Contact us today to learn more!

STM has installed artificial grass in secondary schools, primary schools, and SEN schools all throughout the UK. Our top priorities are safety and long-lastingness; we only provide the finest services and goods while also offering ongoing maintenance to our clients.

When building a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA), be sure to follow SAPCA's guidelines for the highest possible game structure and standards. 

Our experts have years of experience and provide a wide range of services to fit your needs, including synthetic turf surfacing with the option of play surface and pad or international level pad and surface to meet national governing body standards. This includes fencing, floodlights, and more extensive base construction. STM also provides enhanced and restoration services on all existing play areas, playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, and sport pitches.

A multi-use game area is a court that may accommodate a variety of sports. They are divided into groups, as follows:

Type 1 and Type 2: These are suited for children who participate in sports activities such as netball, basketball, and tennis. They have slip finishes and coatings to provide excellent grip and are frequently tinted.

Type 3 and Type 4: These polymeric rubber-coated MUGAs are suitable for 5-a-side football games, netball, and basketball.

Type 5A: These are sand-filled synthetic grass surfaces with a textured artificial grass surface. They are more adaptable and sturdy, making them ideal for hockey and football in clubs and astroturf at schools.

Type 5B: The majority of the surface is sand, although it has been dressed with astroturf for playgrounds finish and is mostly suited for hockey. It allows balls to move smoothly along the surface, making them ideal for professional games.

Type C: Features a multisport needle punch finish that's particularly good for playing hockey and football, as well as running tracks in athletics.

3G MUGA: This surface is ideal for both community and professional rugby and football games. To improve player safety and performance, it has rubber crumb and sand infill.

MUGA Installers

Synthetic Turf Management is one of the leading MUGA surfacing contractors in UK. We have installed hundreds of 3G synthetic pitches for schools, colleges, universities and more. Our team consists of highly-trained professionals who are ready to help you choose your surface, lay it down, complete any electrical or construction tasks that are required to give you a top-quality sports field.

As school MUGA contractors, we take pleasure in the way we build high-quality outside pitches, including macadam and artificial grass for schools, as well as polymeric rubber. We make certain that all of our installations can accommodate a variety of sports and games. Our MUGA experts will be ready to assist you in obtaining the ideal bespoke facility for your school or club at any time.

MUGAs are a cost-effective alternative for sports clubs and institutions, allowing you to avoid utilising other areas. If you don't have much room at school, they might be a good option.

Advantages of MUGAs (Multi Use Games Areas)

MUGA's, or multi-purpose games areas, are frequently found at sports clubs, schools and colleges because they allow for the practice of a variety of sports and activities in most weather conditions. These facilities may provide significant advantages, such as:

  • Providing you with the greatest value for your open outdoor area needs.
  • Children who attend school may engage in a fun and healthy sports activity while also taking advantage of their room.
  • They may take many different forms, including playground astroturf and hard courts.
  • You don't have to build many different sports facilities on your property.
  • They are ideal for a range of sports and leisure activities.
  • The maintenance required by facilities like these is minimal.

School MUGA Installations

STM MUGA installers are experts in this field and have a lot of industry expertise to ensure that we only install the finest MUGA design using high-quality materials and top-notch playground equipment. Tennis nets, fencing, recess goal posts, and other sports equipment are just a few of the items we use during installations.

Our specialists in MUGA school construction will guarantee that they finish all of the surfaces and MUGA installation on time while maintaining high quality.

We only employ premium range materials and the best specialists in the industry to guarantee that you are satisfied with the multi-purpose games areas you just purchased.

Playground Flooring Equipment & Play Areas

We can install any extra sports activity facilities, equipment, and extras to make sure you get the most out of your space if you need it. Floodlighting to rebound muga fencing are just a few examples of what we can do.

Furthermore, we can use a variety of vibrant colours to paint anti-slip paint onto polymeric or macadam court flooring. We can also paint lime markings for a number of sports such as tennis, netball, and basketball. On top of that, we give you complete control over the design of your MUGA so that it is completely suited to your needs.

If you want expert assistance from our landscapers, please contact us right away. We'll come back to you with the appropriate feedback, including the services we provide, what materials are accessible, and when we can do it for you. One of our specialists will be delighted to talk through a variety of topics with you, including building, specifications, and costs.

MUGA product services include:

  • Play area can be customised to any size or design.
  • Aftercare and maintenance.
  • Resurfacing services
  • Fencing options
  • Artificial turf areas with a variety of options for various applications (hockey, football, training)
  • The latest in synthetic turf technology

MUGA Installed National Curriculum Standards

Schools and colleges are now required to participate in a variety of athletic competitions and satisfy certain sports requirements as part of the national curriculum. We can construct an artificial surface that includes a variety of different sports games, such as football, tennis, hockey, netball, and general training. While tennis is played on a shorter turf, football requires longer and softer pile turf blades. This is why building a synthetic turf zone with other synthetic grasses might be a fantastic alternative for council-run facilities when space is limited and funds are available.

Type 5 synthetic turf pitches, which are sand filled or sand dressed, are recommended by the Sports England. These are suitable for most sports, including training for runners and rugby players.

Additional Game Products & Extras

The size of the MUGA depends on the type of sports you choose. A solid fencing system is necessary, as well as rebound boards to surround the field and provide a safe and secure playing environment. We can build goal recesses and pitch dividers into our fence systems to improve the overall usage of the pitch. Nets may be put up if you include basketball and netball in your sports line-up.

The overall pitch markings, as well as cross pitch markings, provide a wide range of playing areas. 5-a-side football markings with pitch dividers provide separate training and team coaching areas. Extra seats and cover can be incorporated into the design and construction of your synthetic turf if they're desired.

MUGA Floor Safety

STM has a long track record of providing the best possible health and safety in the production and installation of artificial grass. We understand that your school's top priority is ensuring your children's safety. If you have any questions or want more information on artificial turf MUGAs, pitches, or playgrounds, visit our Safety Surfaces page.