So What Actually is a MUGA?

5th June 2014

If you work in education, chances are you’ve heard the term “MUGA” being thrown around. It’s true, the elusive acronym is troubling teachers all over Britain. Enter us - savers-of-the-day, teachers of teachers, synthetic turf gurus - to tell you, the people, what a MUGA actually is.

MUGA: Multi Use Games Area with running track

MUGA Mystery Solved

MUGA stands for Multi Use Games Area. They’re made from artificial grass and incorporate the different turf types and pitch markings needed to accommodate a number of sports, right there in one place.

A MUGA can be designed for pretty much any sport you can think of:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Rounders

Oh, and training and games, too.

What are the benefits of a MUGA?

MUGAs are designed to help schools make the most of limited space and budgets. The idea is that, instead of having multiple pitches, costing more money and requiring more time for installation, schools can enjoy different sports using just one surface.

Why are STM MUGAs different?

STM MUGAs are made from the highest quality artificial turf available, produced here in the UK by our world leading manufacturers. Plus, we make our MUGAs out of  multi-coloured turf, rather than plain old green. We think it helps clearly define which sports are which and, well, looks better too!

How does a MUGA get built?

First of all, we talk with the school we’re working with until the cows come home. We really get to know each and every individual customer; their needs, their ideas and their goals. Then we get our top notch CAD designers on the job to draw up some blue prints. If the school likes what they see, we get to making it. If not, we talk some more.

Pitch Builder

We also have a really handy tool to help schools get to grips with their MUGA. Our pitch builder let’s you build your own virtual pitch from your own home (or school!). Go through the different steps, then submit your masterpiece and we’ll get in touch with you.

We hope this blog post has cleared up the mystery of the MUGA. If you’re interested in talking more MUGA stuff - we’d love to hear from you!

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Pitch Builder

Synthetic Turf Management understand that the design and construction of your pitch/court is vital. We can help you optimise your space with an extensive array of options for size, colour, markings, fencing, lighting and gate positions. Here at Synthetic Turf Management, we're happy to guide you through the initial process of designing your turf, so that you can visualise your pitch/court before its construction. Try our free pitch builder, or give us a call to talk to one of our experts.