Tennis Court Construction & Artificial Turf Tennis Court Installers

STM leads in the field of artificial turf tennis court construction.

We know that a tennis court requires a durable and usable court in all weather conditions. That’s why we provide high-tech International Tennis Federation (ITF) approved turf that offers excellent spin and grip.

Artificial Grass Tennis Courts

Synthetic Turf Management install and maintain synthetic turf tennis courts.

Tennis clubs at all levels are seeing the benefits of synthetic turf courts. Advances in technology in the turf production industry means not just players but tennis clubs now have the benefit of an all year-round training and playing facility, fantastic for generating continual membership revenues.

With many tennis court installation companies in the UK, it can be daunting to decide which tennis installers are fit for your facility. Tennis is one of the biggest sports in the globe and its popularity is growing day by day, thus it is important to get things right off the bat (or should we say racket?) .

Recent research has it that there has been a 14% increase in tennis players and a 5% rise in club membership thus making the demand for tennis courts even higher. With this in mind you need to find professionals, that is tennis court installers who give you a state-of-the-art tennis court that will deliver optimal performance.

Synthetic turf for tennis. It doesn't grow, doesn't get muddy and doesn't dry out. It's the highly advanced friend of the manicured lawn, durable and usable in all weather conditions. It will compliment your courts and increase your services come rain or shine.

At STM we offer artificial turf tennis court construction and maintenance across the UK.

If you are looking to resurface an old tennis court or looking to construct a new tennis court, Synthetic Turf Management offer the complete package.

Similar to other sports, tennis requires a lot from its players including precision, speed and stamina, thus it is key that your tennis court will help deliver the above requirements to the players while standing the rigours of regular play. Here at Synthetic Turf Management, we are specialists who offer a wide range of artificial turf products to meet all different sports pitches and grounds.

We are tennis court contractors who offer designs, build and subcontractor services to cater to the demands of our customers. With over 15 years of experience in the industry means that we have encountered some of the most challenging and difficult tasks and we have risen to the occasion to deliver what was required of us.

We have provided our tennis court installation services to sports clubs, schools and high profile brands across the country. For our company, we love what we do and we think you will love it too and thus, let us make it a seamless and hassle-free process for you. We have a skilled team of tennis court builders who can create for you an ideal tennis court no matter what the budget.

Here at Synthetic Turf Management, we understand that the design and construction of our client’s court are vital, thus our experts will best advise you on how to approach your court as well as use the latest surface and equipment advances.

Our skilled team has a wide range of options to help you optimise on your space from size, markings, fencing, colour, gate to lighting positions. We also use cost-saving tennis innovations to make sure that our clients can afford our services. Not only will we guide you through the initial process of designing your tennis court but also deliver you value for your money tennis court.

To keep your tennis court in optimal condition requires resurfacing and maintenance, these need to be executed by experts to avoid recurring costs and we are here to help you with it. We also improve existing tennis courts, surface design and installation are among the many packages that we offer too.

Looking for tennis court builders? Contact us today via email or phone call and you will talk to our abled customer care team who will help.

  • Tennis Court Design and installation
  • Full range of astro turf and synthetic grass surfaces
  • Resurfacing and new court support
  • Tailored for both professional and domestic clubs
  • Multi colour options including green, clay court and blue
  • Gating, fencing and Tennis Court Lighting options
  • Tested to ITF (international Tennis Federation) standards
  • Medium to fast surface options
  • Excellent spin and grip
  • Surfaces for all ages and ability levels

With a dedicated tennis surface installation team and in house services from groundwork to aftercare maintenance we will ensure the client has a playing surface of the highest standards. Synthetic Turf Management tennis court construction ensures a free draining surface constructed with laser grading equipment to ensure a quality level-playing surface. Courts are built with porous substructure including drainage systems.

STM tennis surface range is tested to ITF (International Tennis Federation) standards and classed as a medium to fast surface, which takes spin and excellent grip. Synthetic Tennis products are available in a combination of colours including green, rust (clay court) and blue.STM artificial turf tennis products cater for all levels of play with options of sand dressed and sand filled turf manufactured with dense fibres offering resilience whilst providing a surface for all ages and ability levels.

STM offer a fencing system to meet the specifications required for domestic or club use the versatile tennis court system provides maximum benefits. Having been installed in a wide range of establishments from schools to local leisure facilities to private domestic premises, this lightweight system offers a cost effective perimeter for single or multi-block courts.

Predominantly fabricated from CHS posts and chain link fencing, this system is available in 2.75m and 3.60m heights. Drop sides of 1.20m high can also be incorporated for spectator visibility and the inclusion of single and double leaf gates to further enhance the surrounds.