Creative Ideas to Change a School Field into a High Performance MUGA Pitch

5th October 2018

The installation started late this summer and was complete just yesterday. What an amazing project at Thorntree Primary School in Middlesbrough where an old and boggy school field was optimised to its full potential with a top performing artificial turf MUGA pitch.

Thorntree MUGA Pitch Project

Thorntree Primary School had a large school field which was surrounded by fencing around the back of the school. It seemed like a large waste of space which could only be used when the weather allowed it (which is obviously not very often here in Northern England!) So that is when they asked STM to step in. With our expertise and knowledge of full build installations specialising in school designs, we were thrilled to be able to take on this project.

A full build MUGA means it is built completely from scratch, therefore we need to make all of the base, fencing & lighting (optional) and the actual artificial grass MUGA pitch with the sport markings. This area of 620 square metres consisted of our EPIC green turf along with yellow, blue and white game lines for basketball, netball and tennis. However, most other sports can be played on artificial grass too meaning you can facilitate the sports on the national curriculum.

creating a muga pitch on a school fieldIt all starts with a dig out of the area to a specific measurement (this depends on the project) then the stone base is created for a sturdy ground underfoot.

complete muga pitch design and specificationThen the fencing, equipment and turf is all carefully fitted to produce the perfect MUGA pitch that will last for many years to come.

We asked the Sales Director what he thought of the project, “This is exactly our type of project, the full build MUGA looked phenomenal and the school were very pleased. A MUGA is a great way to optimise that old school field and modernise your facilities”.

Minimal mess, convenience, cost-effective, efficient team and love in what we do. That is exactly what you get at STM.

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