Design Stage 1

A successful project starts with understanding the client’s needs and the overriding objectives of the facility and its users. At Synthetic Turf Management we offer in-house full consultation, design and planning services.

From the initial enquiry our team would start to build a picture of the proposed project with discussions around the client’s requirements and expectations. If the project is at a very early stage we will offer advice and guidance to start the process. Preliminary questions at a very early stage can avoid issue further down the line and establish a very clear client brief.

Once we establish the client brief we would arrange an on-site meeting with key decision makers to confirm the initial concept. At this stage we would look at the feasibility in terms of their aspiration, proposed budgets, ongoing management and maintenance of the facility.

Synthetic Turf Management would look at site specifics to establish the feasibility of the proposed pitch, court, MUGA or playground. Our on-site meeting is vital as it offers both the client and our Consultants the opportunity to listen and openly discuss ideas. With a wealth of knowledge and our in-house design team we can start to formulate with initial “Design Stage 1”, drawings, product specifications and budget projections.

With this information we will have established:

  • How will the proposed facility sit within the existing environment, is there a balance between other pitches, courts and ancillary facilities?
  • Access to the proposed development, are there new pathways, lighting and fencing to the surrounding area?
  • Are there any obvious challenges and logistical issues?
  • What is the intended usage and desired level of performance?
  • “Design Stage 1” will provide the client and stakeholders the opportunity to evaluate costs and future funding requirements?
  • The client will also have developed an overall business plan with proposed future revenue and clear community usage plans.

“Design Stage 1” has established the viability of your project and a more in-depth site survey can take place.