Artifical Grass Play Areas for Nurseries

STM offers a range of artificial grass playground surfaces uniquely designed for nursery playgrounds and landscape areas.

Synthetic Turf Management has worked with nurseries and schools in the UK to help improve their playground facilities with bright and colourful artificial turf that can be tailored to various different playground needs.

Safety is of utmost importance for children's play areas. Children are full of energy and mischief, so it doesn’t take much for them to get in trouble’s way. This is why STM produces durable and securely attached surfaces such as artificial grass which make for a child-friendly and safe environment to play in.

With most play areas, there is the element of natural wear and tear from excessive use as the little ones run and play around. Therefore, it would be ideal to always keep these surfaces looking and feeling fresh and inviting. That is why we design artificial grass to look and feel like natural grass but with a bit of flair and high durability.

When we design artificial grass for play areas at STM, we consider durability, safety and aesthetics. The end product that you receive should be a reflection of all these three important aspects. Furthermore, we can install the artificial grass with high-performance shock pads under the grass to allow for increased cushioning ability while greatly reducing the chances of injury when a kid falls.

We take pride in designing and manufacturing resilient and hard-wearing artificial turf to ensure that kids make the most of their time playing outdoors. You won't have to worry about constant maintenance since all our products come with water-resistant latex backing. The latex backing is instrumental in allowing water to seep through without clogging.

There is a way of designing a play area to ensure that kids make the most of their time there., making it not only accessible but also fun and exciting. This ensures that children of all ages play together since there is something for everyone.

Creating a bespoke play area means creating a space that will enable children to have fun but at the same time help them develop their cognitive skills. In order to achieve this, there are a few amazing ideas that you can keep in mind. If you manage to incorporate some or all of these ideas, you would have managed to create a child-friendly play area. They are:

  • Running Tracks
  • Sports Markings
  • Targets
  • Hopscotch
  • Trim Trail Marking

Furthermore, you should understand that the colours, markings and features are key to what goes in the play area. Therefore, it would be best to add a few details while separating the play area into sections. This goes a long way in boosting creativity and imagination. Some of the important purchases you can make include:

  • High-quality artificial grass (AstroTurf) for play areas to ensure it looks inviting.
  • Themed design for markings early years areas, phonics, shapes, letter and numbers
  • Theming the play area according to age group

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  • A range of synthetic turf products, made using the latest technology
  • Coloured games areas, numbers and other tailored designs
  • Turf designed around play equipment
  • Ongoing maintenance and resurfacing options
  • Themed areas
  • Health and safety prioritised
  • Shock pad options

Artificial grass playground overlays for nurseries can be installed over existing tarmac surfaces.

Synthetic Turf Management have seen how artificial turf can transform a nursery play area. With the use of bright colours, traditional playground games and other fun, educational markings, a synthetic turf could be a great option for your school. Technology in this field has come along leaps and bounds in the past few years, meaning that the perfect pitch can be designed for you.

When it comes to artificial grass for schools, safety must always come. This is why all of our products come with the option of shock pad installation. Our playground surfaces provide a soft, safe area for children’s playgrounds; fake grass can be a pleasant alternative to muddy grass or hard concrete.

STM coloured synthetic turf is perfect for themed areas such as around sand pits and water play equipment and trim trails. The safe synthetic turf play surface offers a stimulating colourful surface that gives children a soft and clean environment to play and learn, with reduction of playground injuries.

Here at Synthetic Turf Management we are proud to have developed a programme called ‘EPIC’: Education and Play In Colour. This innovative scheme involves creating imaginative and educative play areas for children. We have extensive experience in working towards meeting children’s needs, and have also worked with SEN schools in designing synthetic turf areas for children with learning disabilities. We’re proud to have made a difference, and are always looking to take on new, exciting projects.