What Do Synthetic Turf Management Employees Think of 2016 So Far?

1st August 2016

With 2016 being the best year yet at Synthetic Turf Management we thought that we would ask around the office on what everyone’s favourite projects are and why! We have collated the results and here they are…

The Favourites at STM

Galley Hill Primary School 

Firstly, there was Galley Hill Primary School a favourite of our Corporate Sales Manager Holly. “Sidley the Snail was my favourite item produced by Gug, our Designer, this year”

school playground with snail and dragon made with number line

 Galley Hill artificial turf snail and dragon

Galley Hill is part of our EPIC product (Education and Play in Colour) which aims to bring together colourful designs with educative markings and a soft non-abrasive turf to create the best play environment. This is completed with play colour turf which is a favourite product in the office… “The versatility is amazing as well as the transformation they have on boring old tarmac areas”.

Linthorpe Primary School 

Linthorpe Primary was another very popular project. “I love the telly tubby tunnel and trim trail that was created there. It is at the front of the school and a great example to the public who pass by”.

green landscaping teletubbies tunnel made with artificial grass 

The ’Teletubbies’ tunnel at Linthorpe Primary

This is another installation of play colour artificial turf, “The play colour and what our installers can create with this product is what sets us apart”.

“I would say (our most influential product is) EPIC as the system 5mm pad and play colours does give us the advantage when we cut the designs and running tracks”.

Jon Bell, Director at Synthetic Turf Management

Hutton Rudby Tennis Club

Our Director Jon Bell’s favourite project of 2016 so far is Hutton Rudby Tennis Club, “5 courts Advantage Pro with fencing and surface repairs. This is a great reference point locally for Tennis”. At Synthetic Turf Management we always aim to promote sports both locally and nationally.

drone view of 5 green tennis courts

 An aerial view of Hutton Rudby Tennis Club

Besides play colour, another favourite product is multi sport, “Multi Sport - covers multi use but hockey, tennis, netball are all accredited with 12 years warranty. We have also used this for Golf and instead of play colour turf”.

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