School Playground Surface turns to EPIC

2nd March 2016

Synthetic Turf Management pride ourselves on our Education and Play in Colour (EPIC) projects for school playgrounds. An EPIC playground surface is made from state-of-the-art high quality turf available in a variety of colours and can be designed to the schools’ preference. In the past some schools have even opted for their logos included on the surface, sea world themes and phonetics. Linthorpe chose an attractive turf design with educational features (see below) and fun equipment for students.

EPIC and Sports branding for STM

The primary school may have been restricted before in the safe play that they could offer pupils, however now as we have just completed their unique and remarkable installation of an EPIC playground surface, February 2015, they no longer have this obstacle.

EPIC playgrounds have a number of qualities which Linthorpe pupils could benefit from and that is exactly why they chose us to install their new playground surface; some of these benefits are listed throughout this news story:

Completely Safe

  • Previously playgrounds were predominantly hard and cold concrete, our turf is a much different feel- This EPIC surface was fitted with a soft shock pad underneath for a much softer landing especially when using the equipment
  • We prioritise safety over everything else
  • Trip Free edging is an option available to make surfaces even safer!

Green playground with artificial grass and play equipment 

A soft landing therefore pupils can explore without the boundaries and become further independent individuals.

Low Maintenance

  • Even though the project at Linthorpe Primary has a grass look, no mowing or fertilising is needed on the new playground surface

teletubbies tunnel with artificial turf 

Imagine trying to mow over this! Well no need, the turf resembles grass but without the maintenance.

balance equipment in playground 

A world of imagination to use all year round

All-Weather Purpose

  • Linthorpe Primary school children can play outside whether it is rain or shine without the worry of slipping on the mud or going home with grass/mud stains on their uniforms

Red, blue and yellow artificial grass target 

Our targets are very popular in primary schools as they are often used as part of PE sessions

Attractiveness of the Turf

  • The project at the school added designs of butterflies, ladybirds, number lines and even a target to the playground surface
  • This attracts students to the new playground and encourages them to play outside, therefore supporting fitness, health and well-being.

EPIC ladybird design in playground 

Ladybird designs add colour and can help open up the imaginations of younger children

Further Possibilities

  • STM even install equipment onto the playground surface as we feel this encourages further fitness and can help with physical skills, e.g. balancing.

Playground surface equipment 

The piece of equipment allowed students to practice their balancing skills and teamwork if they are to practice together

The finished project looked sensational and really made the primary school stand-out, not only did it look good but the benefits that an EPIC playground surface have on the development and education of primary school students are amazing. These Playgrounds are often used to develop visual and sensory stimulation for SEN students, activity for physical education, safe play for all students and Linthorpe Primary even chose to add a number line to take maths outdoors.

To read more on our playground surfaces in the North East and more throughout the UK then please click the link below


Bringing indoor learning outside is something that the Department of Education wants to see more of and that is exactly what this primary school has done in order to be proactive and take the next step in education for students.

“These (school grounds) areas are a rich multi-faceted, learning resource on the doorstep. They offer excellent opportunities for both formal and informal learning and play”.

-Department for Education

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