Synthetic Turf Ideas for a School Playground Featuring Middlesbrough School

8th June 2017

This week we were contacted by a southern school who wanted us to give them a bit of inspiration on what they can do to transform their school playground paving area. Well lucky enough, we are full of synthetic turf ideas and colourful designs to add a bit of colour to your school grounds.

Over the past few weeks, the team of designers have spent time cutting out these synthetic turf activities for St Alphonsus school in Middlesbrough. These are a great addition to transform a concrete area. The idea is, the letters/shapes/lines etc… are cut into a synthetic turf surface in a way where the joins will not be seen. The team are very creative and can make any bespoke design you would like! St Alphonsus have some great ideas so we thought we’d show you what we have done for them recently…. Hopefully this will give you a little inspiration too!

The Alphabet Swirl

This activity was something which STM had never created before. With orange, blue, red, green white this is a great addition to the playground so that children can practice their literacy whilst learning in a fun environment. This could even be completed in numbers or phonics tiles.

synthetic turf alphabet swirl with square multicoloured letters 

Design created in June 2017 using our non-abrasive turf with trip free edging

The Crazy Caterpillar

We hope you can see the potential of adding a few different characters to entertain! We find that designs like this often encourage children to practice their numbers and transfers their learning outside of the classroom in a different environment which helps them to remember.

smiling caterpillar design for playground 

The red and yellow caterpillar with numbers

The Coordinate Grid

This design is something for older primary school children. The coordinate grid can be the base of many mathematics and physical education sessions.

playground coordinate grid markings using artificial grass 

A green and black grid with white. blue, red, black and yellow markings

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