Primary School Turns to Blue Turf!

21st September 2016

Trim trails are very popular within schools, they promote activity and are so fun! Plus, they make your school facilities stand out. However, did you know that our synthetic blue turf could contribute not only to the attractiveness of your facility, but the safety of your trim trail?

Unfortunately, many schools avoid play equipment within their grounds as they are concerned for the safety of their pupils. However, we are here to tell you that this doesn’t need to be a factor that stops your installation going ahead. Shock pads are a fantastic addition to your surface. These pads are fitted underneath our synthetic turf (blue turf if you wish!) to cushion falls, absorb impact and generate a much safer environment.

We were at Thornhill Primary School last week, to complete a blue turf project on their trim trail. One of the most important parts of installing any turf is the base works as these build the foundations for the whole surface.

trim trail installed over mud showing mess and untidiness  

The existing surface is removed and smoothed down. Whether this be natural grass/previous concrete etc. There isn’t much that we can’t install our synthetic blue turf on!

installing the crushed limestone basework under the trimtrail 

We put a crushed limestone base works which is compacted and provides a solid base for the trim trail.

blue artificial turf in replacement of natural grass surface shows clean and tidy play area 

Trim trail surface at Thornhill

Then the blue turf is fitted! This is a 24mm pile height product which is fully texturised so actually stands a lot lower. It is non-abrasive and softer than other turf types making it a perfect addition to any playground. We actually use this turf type for our EPIC playground installations due to its properties and the fact that it is not just blue turf, but also available in so many other colours including yellow, rust, red, green and more…

With just a small area you can completely change the way your school looks and encourage children to live a more active lifestyle. For more information on our blue turf, (or red turf, or yellow turf!) then please contact us today at our Head Office:

01642 713 555