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Landscaping and commercial grass really can transform your business and create a neat environment. Often when artificial grass is used for this application, it can be the first point of contact with your customers therefore it is important to ensure a sufficient installation and supplier. That is exactly what Tees Barrage Air Trail did when they opted for ‘Freeway’ artificial turf.

When admiring the big businesses all over the world what do we notice? They all have creative and innovative inventions that make them stand out! Artificial turf could be your feature to make your business stand out! What is great about artificial turf is that you can use it indoor and outdoor so you won’t be spending hours on end cleaning the carpet or mowing the grass.

This takes us to our project…

Tees Barrage Air Trail

This company is the UK’s biggest sky trail which is located on the River Tees.

Tees Barrage Airtrail is situated next to the River Tees

We were honoured to be able to install their landscape grass in 2016 to create a natural looking grass surface with minimal maintenance and suitable for all types of weather. 

And this is what we managed to create…

The artificial grass was installed at the bottom of the trail to bring some colour and cushion the previously hard surface

Did you know our landscape grass can be coupled with shock pads to generate a softer landing and cushion hard falls?

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