Why a Multi-Use Games Area is Good for Fundamental Movement Skills with School MUGA in Bristol

10th September 2018

As a school there are a wide range of targets to hit when it comes physicality and ensuring that every student has access to practice a wide range of different sports and enhance active skills. Developing fundamental movement skills includes balance, locomotor and ball skills. But this needs to be carried out in a safe way for everyone and we think the best way to do it, is through the implementation of a school MUGA.

Bristol’s New School MUGA

This takes us to Wicklea Academy in Bristol where we recently constructed a full build school MUGA turning a grass field into a multi-use games facility. 500 square metres of TigerTurf’s Evo Excel artificial turf product was used to provide a soft and less abrasive surface than alternatives. Coupled with trip free edging and a special drainage system, this really is the ultimate school MUGA surface when it comes to safety.

150mm dig out starts the construction of the MUGA

The base construction

Artificial turf is perfect for a school MUGA. And a school MUGA is perfect to reach the targets of Fundamental Movement Skills for your school. This case study focuses heavily on locomotor and ball skills.

A running track was included as part of the school MUGA surface at Wicklea Academy

Fundamental Movement Skills and a school MUGA go hand in hand to help schools reach their targets when it comes to exercise, activity and general physical education.

More information is readily available from our head office. Simply call the STM team on 01642 713 555 or email info@stmworld.co.uk