Our Tennis Court Installation is The New Hotspot at Wimbledon! We’ve #goneabitwimbledon

6th July 2017

Browsing through Twitter this week we have seen some amazing stories coming from Wimbledon. But what we are so thrilled to see is our synthetic court installation being used by so many members of the public, professionals and many tennis enthusiasts and we are only on day 4!

Before you read on, make sure to check out our tennis court installation at Wimbledon and what we did.

Who is at Wimbledon 2017?

As we are passionate about sports, we love to see when we have made a difference and created an impact. Whether that be entertaining people for 20 minutes all the way up to inspiring young people to take up the sport of tennis. So, as we were looking through Twitter we were pleased to see celebrities and professionals helping us to achieve our goal of encouraging people to have fun, stay active and interest others in tennis.

Judy Murray

Firstly, there was Judy Murray, you may have seen the Sky News interview she did on our court on Monday morning. What better way than the opportunity of rallying with a professional tennis coach?

Goran Ivanisevic

Then there is Goran Ivanisevic, retired professional tennis player from Croatia on our court.

judy murray and other celebs on Wimbledon tennis court 

Photo accredited to HSBC Sport Twitter

Danny MacAskill

Have you heard of Danny MacAskill before? Chances are if you are a biking enthusiasts, then he is your idol. He is a street trials pro rider and this week was invited to show off his moves on HSBC court 20. And he stunned the hundreds of spectators too!

Danny Macaskill performing stunt on top of the Wimbledon tennis net 

Photo accredited to HSBC Sport Twitter

Anton Du Beke

Strictly Come Dancing judge, Anton Du Beke, showed off his tennis (and dancing!) moves on court 20 waltzing with Judy Murray

Anton du beke dancing and playing tennis at Wimbledon 

Photos accredited to The Anton Du Beke Twitter and HSBC Sport Twitter

Jacquie Beltrao

Sky New’s Jacquie Beltrao was getting in on the action too commenting “(she) had way too much fun this morning!”

Sky news reporter dancing with Anton Du Beke at Wimbledon on our tennis court install 

Photo accredited to Sky Jacquie Twitter

Tim Henman

And we even spotted Tim Henman umpiring!

Tim henman umpiring on HSBC court 

Photo accredited to Danny MacAskill Twitter who commented, “Had an awesome time down at HSBC Sport court 20 umpiring Tim Henman and Goran Ivanisevic”

Thanks to our amazing installation team we were able to create a surface that will be enjoyed by thousands of people throughout the Wimbledon tournament.

For more on tennis court installations, see here.

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