Multi-Sport Artificial Grass at County Durham School Brightens Up Playground

22nd June 2018

When Thornhill Primary School in Shildon, County Durham, approached STM wanting to brighten up their existing tarmac playground and create a more safe and usable surface, we were more than happy to oblige. Just this week we have completed a huge multi-sport artificial grass MUGA for the primary school and the result looks astonishing!

This isn’t the first time we have done work for the primary school. In 2016 we created a trim trail artificial surface and the school was so happy with the install that they contracted us for their new playground.

Multi-sport artificial grass overlays are more common at STM than ever before. This is a process by which we keep the existing tarmac playground, possibly restore it to a better condition (which can include patching up the base) and then lay artificial grass over the top of the surface. This can include a whole bunch of different designs including running tracks, football, tennis, basketball and netball markings.

artificial turf muga overlayThe artificial grass MUGA overlay complete June 2018

The artificial grass surface consisted of a running track and long jump pit with a rust track run-up and green surround. 2030 square metres of our super safe play turf was used on top of a 5mm rubber pad underlay which helps to soften the surface.

cad design of mugaThe initial design for the surface

multi sport artificial grass muga

Another install we are proud to put our mark on. A big thanks to the STM team who battled severely windy weather and came up with this fantastic project in the end!

For more information on multi-sport artificial grass overlays, contact us today on 01642 713 555 or fill in the form here.