Hopscotch Your Way Through 2017 with EPIC Playgrounds

23rd January 2017

Today we are talking about one of the most popular products at STM, the EPIC playground. A revolutionary idea that emphasises exercise and activity, education and well… having fun! Over the past few years it seems most EPIC playgrounds that we have completed have included a hopscotch, so today we are telling you why hopscotches are so popular and more importantly, how they can be a great addition to your playground.

hopscotch as part of astroturf playground 

Artificial turf hopscotches are cut into the artificial grass and fitted with specialist strong glue

We see hopscotches on playgrounds all over the country but whilst they are often painted on tarmac, there is a much safer alternative that is long lasting and helps to engage pupils more. Artificial turf hopscotches are more popular than you might think. Nonsuch Primary, Leigh Primary, Hydesville Tower, Greenfields and Trinity school are just some of the projects which we have completed that included a bespoke hopscotch.

But why Hopscotches? These are a lot more educational than you might think and help younger pupils to learn the order of numbers. However in older children they are a fantastic tool to help with mathematics and there is a whole bank of resources available online to include hopscotches in lessons, especially PE and maths.

It is all about encouragement, we want to see pupils using the facilities at the school. The brightly coloured synthetic turf that STM uses never fails to amuse pupils and they end up spending a considerable amount of time on the surface.

child playing on hopscotch playground 

Hopscotches are a great way of optimising space and sprucing up the facilities you have.

yellow hopscotch without numbering 

These hopscotches are great for PE sessions

Would you like a hopscotch included in your artificial turf surface? We can create a completely bespoke project for your school, let’s get planning!

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