Artificial Grass For Playgrounds

STM designs & installs all-weather artificial turf playground surfaces & sports pitches for schools across the UK.

Here at STM, we have extensive experience in working with synthetic turf technology, dating back to its early development. We are proud to work over a range of education sectors, providing tailored design and installation for a comprehensive and diverse range of clients. We work with the latest in artificial grass products to meet growing demand for synthetic turf, which is used in new, creative ways every day.

Laying artificial grass on playgrounds in schools and nurseries comes with many benefits, which includes providing a beautiful and comfortable space for children to play. 

Safety and security of your children when out playing is paramount. Therefore, before opening up any designated playground, school environment or sports ground it must meet a very high standard and go through a thorough safety examination. 

When it comes to the playground requirements, one thing that immediately comes to mind is the safety of the ground surface underfoot. Therefore, it is important to make sure that any insecure or improper surface is well maintained because it can become a potential hazard. Synthetic Turf Maintenance is important to all round safety and performance of the surface.

AT STM, we ensure that we create a space that is both safe and secure, uneven ground, or slippery surfaces. As artificial turf for playgrounds continues to grow in popularity, we will be right there with you to make sure that your playground is safe, fun and aesthetically pleasing. 

A viable real grass alternative 

The use of artificial grass for outdoor spaces is a trend that is rapidly catching on across the country. This shouldn’t come as a great surprise because these synthetic grass types bring a wide range of benefits that are clearly visible, especially if you compare artificial turf to the traditional grass coverings. 

Although many play areas have woodchip or tarmac surfaces, they can easily feel impractical and unsafe. On the other hand, real grass can easily become slippery and muddy when wet, which increases the risk of accidents on the playgrounds. Furthermore, after a long day of children playing, the staff will have to bear with cleaning muddy footprints. 

Therefore, it is an ideal solution to invest in artificial grass for playgrounds because they are safer and easier to maintain than real grass. Not only are they safer but also aesthetically pleasing and satisfying to look at. Installing artificial turf for playgrounds should reduce the chances of children slipping or coming into class leaving muddy footprints. Synthetic grass commonly known as Astro Turf is perfect for overlaying existing tarmac playgrounds. This system allows the existing damaged tarmac to be patch repaired, self levelled in low areas and then installation of a 5mm or 10mm underlay pad fitted. The artificial turf play surface which is 24mm sand dressed system is then installed on top of the pad. Colours can be brought in to the design to enhance the markings and distinguish different sports. Synthetic Turf Management will also install a bespoke running track with lanes.

Benefits of artificial grass 

You can't speak of artificial turf without mentioning durability and performance in the same sentence. These grass types are capable of withstanding excessive and prolonged use, especially because of their longevity and durability. When you couple longevity and their low-maintenance nature, what you get is a highly cost-effective playground grass solution. 

These types of grass are growing more popular by the day, especially in sports and schools alike. The grass offers a cushioned and soft landing area, especially in sports. Therefore, even if a kid trips and falls, the risk of an injury stays at a minimum. Also, you don’t have to worry about high traffic during sports days because the grass can easily withstand prolonged use. 

There is also the aspect of safety since these artificial grasses are designed in such a way that they reassure you of how safe and comfortable children will be while on the playground. They come with STM “playpad” underlays, which are impact-absorbing materials and can be offered with fully-certified critical height surfaces. You can also have the option of choosing wet-pour rubber surfaces that we can tailor to meet all your safety needs. 

We understand that safety comes first when on the playground and that is why we encourage you to invest in superior quality but cost-effective artificial turf for playgrounds. 

Since the goal is to deliver cost-effective solutions, another benefit is the aspect of low maintenance. You are probably spending a lot of time dealing with other serious issues and want to spend minimal time maintaining your playground. 

All you need to do to ensure that your playground surfaces remain pristine is removing any dirt or debris including leaf litter using a semi-regular brush that has a stiff bristle. Synthetic Turf Maintenance will provide deep clean maintenance services throughout the year typically two visits to ensure the debris it lifted from the pile. STM will also check seams, infill and overall condition including moss and algae treatments if required in heavy use areas. You won’t spend much time or money cleaning or maintaining the playground. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts for any assistance or to facilitate your bespoke quotation today. 

Artificial Turf for Primary Schools


STM is proud to have developed a unique synthetic turf playground system called STM EPIC, “Education and Play In Colour”, which uses multi use court markings and/or traditional playground games to transform your playground into a fun and safe play area. The coloured turf is perfect for Primary, Nursery and SEN schools. STM can provide fully bespoke play spaces to transform school playgrounds and bring your vision to life.

Artificial turf playground surfaces enhance the way children play and interact with each other. Artificial grass that is designed especially for primary schools can transform the outside environment into safe, creative and colourful playgrounds.

SEN Surfaces

STM also specialises in the design and installation of tailored artificial grass areas for specialist schools. We have worked in the past with schools of children of all ages with varying levels of learning difficulties. We are proud to have designed sensory playground surfaces that are colourful, creative and practical for such schools.

Artificial Turf for Secondary Schools

Range of Sports

Artificial turf for secondary schools can provide a cost and space-effective solution to the various different sports covered in P.E. lessons, including football, hockey, netball/basketball and tennis. Take a look at our synthetic turf for sports pages for more information. 

World Class

STM works directly with world- class manufacturers to ensure products are tested to national and international standards.

STM also construct full build sports areas from the ground up, creating stunning sports facilities that include fencing and the highest quality of sports surfaces.

STM provides synthetic turf products for a range of sports, as well as astro turf for the education sector. We pride ourselves on tailoring our products for secondary schools, primary schools and SEN schools. Safety is always key, and we never deliver a product that isn’t 100% customised for our customer. From soft play to MUGA areas for schools, we manufacture and install artificial grass of the highest quality, and provide excellent aftercare and maintenance.

primary school playground with bespoke designs and running track

Greenfields School in Newcastle opted for an EPIC playground with sports athletics markings. Suitable for primary school children.

UK schools are frequently looking for the most suitable synthetic turf surface for playground games and sports lessons. Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) are becoming an increasingly recognised way to optimise the budget and space available for school playgrounds and sports areas. Synthetic Turf Management works with schools to provide artificial grass surfaces (*astro turf) that meet the very demanding school environment; durability is key for heavy use during curriculum and extracurricular time

Our EPIC (Education and Play in Colour) playgrounds are known for being vibrant, bespoke and allow pupils to learn in a different way. We provide safety surfacing through the use of our trip free edging, non-abrasive grass and underlay options to cushion falls.  

The turf that we use for our installs is a specialist hockey product however it is particularly useful for the more sports such as football, tennis, netball and athletics. STM multi sport turf is the world’s most highly accredited multi-use playing sport turf which means it is fantastic as part of a MUGA. The durability of the product is outstanding so if your surface is going to be used regularly this is the artificial turf for you!

STM play turf is recommended as part of the EPIC product as this is softer and more suitable for nursery or primary school children as part of their playground surface. It is made from Polyethylene and is 24mm in pile height, it also has a texturised feel to it and is a durable turf.