From CAD Design to Installation- How We Build Your Playground

23rd November 2017

It can be hard to visualise a bespoke project. Why? Because these are completely individualised and if you’ve never seen artificial turf before, it is difficult to contemplate what your playground might look like complete.

Thankfully, we have collated some of our recent CAD designs for a playground and compared these against the finished project. Hoping that this will help you understand what we can do with some colourful artificial grass and a team of highly trained designers.

The Insects.

Ladybirds, bees, dragonflies and butterflies are just some of the insects we have designed. These can be completed in a variety of different colours and stand out particularly well against a green base. Insects are a popular addition to playgrounds because they fit in well with the outdoor theme and encourage pupils to explore nature.

Insects in CAD design and shown installed in three projectsSydney the Snail Design

Sydney was a popular design in our offices. This educational character is rather large in diameter and allows whole classes to practice their alphabet and spelling at the same time. It really ties in well with EPIC (Education and Play in Colour) and is tons of fun too!

snail cad design, being made and then fitted into artificial turf playgroundColourful Hopscotch

Hopscotches help toward activity, health and well-being. Encouraging children to learn whilst running and jumping makes exercising fun! We think this CAD design gives a real reflection on what the finished product will look like.

Hopscotch designed with cad and made with turfPhonics Tiles

As you probably already know, phonics are a huge part of education and we always recommend that these try to be included in your playground surface to reach national curriculum standards. We are firm believers in that when learning is taken into a different environment it is reiterated and therefore remembered more.  

phonics tiles as part of playgroundCurly the Caterpillar

Curly is our new design for 2017 created by our Corporate Manager. This design is great for long and narrow spaces to add a little extra colour to the school grounds.  

caterpillar in red and yellow turf designWord Jump

Word jumps are a much more intricate design therefore these may be priced slightly higher than additional features. However, we think they are a great addition to any surface and should always be considered as a focal point of the playground.

circle yellow word jump design for playgroundShark Jump

Finally, we have the shark jump. Another feature new for 2017 which has proved to be a real hit since the installation at St Alphonsus Primary School in Middlesbrough.

shark jump playground design

All our CAD design EPIC playground features are priced in addition to the surface cost. We will give you a price for each and it is up to you which you choose. Remember they’re completely bespoke, so test us! We are always happy to take on new challenges.

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