From Covent Garden to Middlesbrough… Astro Turf Gym Mats are Popping Up All Over the Country!

22nd August 2017

The warehouse team have been working incredibly hard this week to create two very different astro turf gym mats. One going to a local gym in Middlesbrough and the other sent down to Covent Garden in Central London. It is indeed true, astro turf for gyms is becoming more popular nationally and not only do chains of gyms such as Fitness First and UP Fitness opt for the product, but we are now seeing an increase in independent gyms too!

Astro Turf Gym Mats. What is so special about them?

  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Safety
  • Range available
  • Completely bespoke!

The Unit Gym

Location: Middlesbrough

Specification: The unit logo with a rust track and white line markings

Size: 10m x 2m

images of a rust gym mat with 'The Unit Functional Gym' logo in the centre in black with a white background

The Unit Gym in Middlesbrough chose a rust astro turf gym mat with their logo central

Fitness First Gym

Location: Covent Garden, London

Specification: Red track with white metre markings and 5 metre number mark complete with white border

Size: 1x9.5m

red one lane running track with 1 metre markings in white turfPremier Contract Flooring opted for STM to design work for a Fitness First gym in Covent Garden

Free quotes are available to help start the process. Send your specification to or use the template below to help decide what you want:


Size (in metres please) width x height

Colour- choose from blue, rust, red or green

Do you want a logo in it? If so, where will the logo be situated

White line markings? If so, how often and would you like numbers throughout?

What is your timescale? Remember all projects are completely bespoke so take time to design and make.

Do you want supply only or supply and install?

What is your postcode? Sounds obvious but we need to cost delivery too 

If you would prefer to chat to a member of our team about the option of an astro turf gym mat for your facility, give us a call on 01642 713555 between 8:30am-5:00pm Monday to Friday.

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