“All Children Deserve State of the Art Facilities”. Over £500million To Expand and Improve the Condition of School Buildings

23rd April 2018

£514,000,000 for Schools

Late last month, the government announced its plans to create hundreds of thousands of school places by the expansion and improvement of school buildings. With projects supported by the Healthy Pupils Capital Fund we think this is a great opportunity to contribute to the activity, health and wellbeing of pupils as well, through the implementation of new accessible facilities for everyone!

The whopping £514million total will support over 1,500 projects across England and will include both academies and sixth-form colleges. Minister for the School System Lord Agnew commented, “All children deserve the best possible education and state of the art facilities are a big part of that”.

What do we think?

At Synthetic Turf Management (STM) we are specialists in outdoor school facilities and were so pleased to hear of the announcements. Ensuring that every school has safe facilities where pupils can learn, promote activity, be happy and inspired from is close to our hearts and we think this contributes heavily to the success of all pupils in education.

Schools can quite often obtain funding for projects such as sports pitches and MUGAs, educational playgrounds, sensory gardens and play areas. And this will be much for accessible for educational facilities to achieve their perfect school facilities now due to the new funding which will be available.

STM school playground

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