4G and Why It Doesn’t exist!

18th November 2016

You may have heard of 4G, 5G or even 6G artificial pitches however what if we told you that they didn’t exist? That they are a way for many companies to advertise products and gain an advantage on their competitors for a product that has simply never been manufactured. Let us start from the beginning…

What is 3G?

3G is a concept that stands for third generation. It is an artificial turf surface that is designed to replicate a natural playing surface but with minimal maintenance as opposed to natural grass, along with a few other benefits too such as safety, durability and permanent pitch markings. It is most commonly found in the football industry. 3G turf is infilled with a sand and rubber crumb which is designed to enhance player performance by offering a great ball roll and good grip for the players. There are many different types of artificial turf products out there so be sure to choose the correct one for your sport. For more on different sports, please browse to our sports section.

The Next Generation?

4th generation (4G), 5th generation (5G) or even 6th generation (6G) are an incorrect way that many companies use to describe their products claiming they are better than 3G. In actual fact, no governing bodies have ever approved such ‘products’ (this includes FIFA) and 3G is still the leading product that has been approved by a number of sports bodies and is the go-to product within a number of sports.

3g artificial grass pitch line 

3G pitch markings at Walsall Football Club which were installed by STM, November 2016

Now you have it, the real truth about 4G and up. A marketing tool that companies use to encourage customers to buy their product in a dishonest way.

If you want to know more about why you should choose a 3G pitch, read our latest blog and it’ll tell you all that you need to know.