What is a Hybrid Football Pitch?

7th March 2019

A hybrid football pitch is not the same as a 4G football pitch. In fact, 4G doesn’t even exist (but we will get to that later). What you need to know is that a hybrid pitch is a combination of both natural and artificial grass (astro turf) which support each other in creating a good performing pitch which makes natural grass look much greener.

Hybrid Football Pitches

The new product that everyone is talking about has hit the likes of the big stadiums in the UK such as Wembley and Twickenham, but this product is something that you rarely see in community or school facilities; only sports teams playing at a high level.

Hybrid pitches are generally manufactured overseas. It involves fitting artificial grass on top of soil and then planting natural grass seed over the top. This creates a ‘weave-like’ surface.

The Benefits
The Drawbacks
  • Cosmetic reasons- it makes natural grass appear much greener
  • Keeps the natural soil at an even level
  • Much more expensive than natural or artificial grass
  • It hasn’t been around for long which could pose problems for the future

 *Hybrid pitches are approved by bodies such as FIFA.

What is a 4G Pitch?

People are calling hybrid pitches 4G pitches. But this is completely wrong they are totally different.

In fact, 4G ceases to exist. There is nothing accredited or approved after the 3G surface. This is because FIFA (or any other body), would not approve a fully synthetic non-infill product. If you hear people talking about 4G, question their legitimacy.

We are Sticking to Artificial

We have done the research and are sticking to 3G and artificial products. We know them, we love them, and we trust them.

Hybrid Football PitchArtificial turf pitch

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