Edinburgh Nursery Surface Complete at Community Nursery

4th May 2017

Outdoor classroom areas are often not enhanced as well as they could be, perhaps you have an old concrete surface immediately outside of your classroom that you need to brighten up. It is great to see children outdoors, especially younger ones as we know they love to be outside playing. Which is why a nursery surface which adheres to safety standards and helps teachers to deliver creative lessons could be the solution.

Community Nursery in Edinburgh

This points directly to our Spring 2017 install at a nursery in Edinburgh. Who knew that an artificial green grass could prove to be a huge hit amongst teachers and children using it. The nursery had a 48 square metre area which was made from tarmac. The turf proposed by STM was described as “softer” than the school had originally thought which was great for them!

outdoor artificial turf nursery area under shelter surrounded by wooden picket fence 

The finished outdoor classroom

The nursery was having some fencing installed prior to the artificial turf going down as their new nursery surface. It is much better this way, as then our installers can cut to the exact measurements meaning it is a much better fit.

neat edging of artificial turf towards the wall

Cut into area with precision

At STM we understand that a soft surface is crucial to younger children as we don’t want any falls that could cause injuries. A soft artificial turf is therefore a better option than, for example, tarmac.

nursery playground surface showing the turf cut around obstacles 

"Very Neat" artificial turf surface

The nursery were certainly pleased with their new surface commenting,

“We are really happy with the turf and the children are enjoying it. The edging is very neat particularly round the pillars”- Mel McComb from the Community Nursery.

Do you have a nursery surface that needs a revamp?