Brotton School Have The Perfect Nursery Playground!

29th June 2016

Are you interested in sprucing up your nursery? Perhaps adding a bit of colour and creating something super safe that all of the pupils can enjoy without worrying about harsh falls and scraped knees! Concrete surfaces have been around for many years but the truth is they’re not practical for a nursery playground. Surfaces can become uneven, slippery and pretty dull to look at. This discourages children from spending more time outdoors. So what can you do about it? We have a solution for you… an artificial turf nursery playground from STM.

Now we are rewinding the clock back today to 4 years ago where the perfect example was made of turning an old concrete surface into something spectacular! You may recognise St Peters Brotton from our feature nursery page.

This is what St Peters looked like before STM were on the scene:

paving slabs with weeds coming through 

Overgrown, weeds, uneven concrete paving slabs, dull looking and uninviting.

St Peters was completed using an EPIC product. EPIC stands for education and play in colour. It is completed using a specific artificial turf type which is much less abrasive than regular artificial grass. It is also available in a variety of different colours and can be coupled with shock pads. Shock pads should be used in some nursery playgrounds, especially when equipment is involved that could create a critical fall height. For more information on this, please contact us.

And the completed project…

paving slabs replaced with colourful synthetic turf and picnic bench 

We installed the bench and fencing as well as the synthetic grass

number line design in playground 

The surface is available in a range of different colours including blue, green. red, yellow and rust

plastic marmax fencing and shapes cut into playground 

Even the smallest areas can be completely transformed. On top of this they are low maintenance and all weather proof!

We think this project is sensational and still looking amazing! The bright and vibrant colours coupled with shapes, numbers, fencing and play equipment (which STM can provide and install) create a super safe, durable and educational area for children to enjoy all year round!