Company Logo Mats with Artificial Grass

16th August 2016

Are you a company/business seeking for new ways to be creative, innovative and well… to beat the ever growing competition! Rest assured you have come to the right place. Create a consistent branding strategy and get your name noticed with a company logo mat.

Who are Company Logo Mats for?

Company logo mats are very popular among a number of different industries. Firstly, there’s sports. In particular cricket, football and rugby with who we have completed projects with in the past. Firstly, Wigan Athletic opted for Synthetic Turf Management to create their artificial turf touchlines which included the club’s logo. For this newly promoted club they will now see an increased television viewing therefore their new touchlines will get fantastic coverage, perfect for Wigan’s image!

wigan athletic team photo with artificial turf logo mat front centre 

Wigan Athletic logo mat on the touchlines

T20 cricket mats are very popular at STM including this one that we created from Surrey County Cricket Club.

surrey county cricket club black and white logo mat

Let’s talk sponsorship

Company logo mats can be great if you are a company sponsoring an event.

glenmorangie logo mat in the shape of a whiskey bottle 

Glenmorangie whisky opted for a bottle shaped logo mat for their event. The super durability of artificial turf means this product will last.

Finally, we have school logo mats. These are very popular if we create a synthetic sport surface or an EPIC playground. Although these are not corporate logo mats as such, they still look great when the school hosts sports events and are a colourful addition to your school surface. In addition they help your pupils remember the school values.

denbigh community primary school artificial turf logo mats for playground 

Denbigh Community School logo mats

Corporate logo mats are made from high quality British manufactured turf which match up the colours on your logo to create a very realistic design. The individual grass blades are fully texturised therefore demonstrate super durability.

If you would like to discuss further how company logo mats could relate to your business, then please do contact us