School Landscape Transformation at Guisborough Primary School

1st March 2016

A School Landscape by STM

Landscaping can turn any area into a beautiful, picturesque place for people to admire and use on an everyday basis, many schools use this as a low maintenance option to add attractiveness to the school grounds.

At Synthetic Turf Management (STM) we provide landscaping services to many different businesses across the UK and with our knowledge on the best, most durable turf types coupled with our expertise team of installers we can create a space in your school to make it stand out, plus your caretaker will have one less job as there’s no mowing and no watering!

Over the past few years, artificial turf has been perfected and now resembles a realistic looking grass that is very safe for all pupils in the school. They can learn about nature, and play on the grass without coming home covered in mud and grass stains!

There are many options to add to your school landscape project including shock pads which make landing on the grass much softer, therefore incredibly safe.

Shock Pad sample 

Create a Safe Haven with a shock pad pictured above

We can even install the turf over hills and recesses to give a more realistic looking landscape and more options for your school.

The Guisborough School Landscape

Just take a look at the school landscape project which we have recently completed at Chaloner Primary School in Guisborough only last week! The images below show a timeline of the process we went through to create the desired landscape result.

 muddy walkway in schools ground 

Before the installation, the school grass had been hit hard through the winter. The mud was out of control and the children were bringing mud in through the school doors!

Muddy Mess before the project 

The patches of grass did not look admirable and it was a shame that students couldn’t play on this area due to the mud and mess! 

Chaloner School decided to choose STM for our professional landscaping services using artificial grass. After a chat, measure, design, preparation (taking up existing service/installing on top) we started to install the new landscape scene!

Weed Membrane Preparation
Here a membrane is laid over where the new turf is going to be in preparation for the school landscape, we’ve been praised for our efficiency in the past and our priority if to make sure your school feels as little disruption as possible.

Laying Crushed Limestone  

After the membrane, we put crushed limestone over the top to act as a base works for the artificial turf.


After installation the finished result was much different to the previous muddy shambles...

After School Landscape artificial turf 

No mud!

Mud Free at Chaloners with turf cut around a tree 

No Mess! And we even landscape around the trees which means that children are still around nature but in a mess-free way

Finished Project- School Landscape with ladybird 

Ladybird at Chaloner

The benefits of a school landscape really are endless! It is impossible for children to keep off the grass so we have made an alternative surface which keeps the fun but eliminates the mess.

Remember, no mud and no mess!

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