Artificial Grass for Gyms: Fitness First Soho Waterloo

16th June 2017

Another Fitness First gym has been designed, created and supplied this week proving that artificial grass for gyms is one of the best sellers this year at Synthetic Turf Management. This time it was for Soho Waterloo. We are using these fantastic images in the blog today to illustrate how artificial grass for gyms can improve existing facilities and provide a durable surface for many pieces of equipment.

red gym track showing number 5 marking in synthetic turf

 The Soho waterloo Mat was red and white

What is Artificial Grass for Gyms and How Can It Improve My Gym?

The product isn’t what you may think. When we think of artificial grass we think of a landscaping grass blade however gym grass is much different. It is fully texturised; so, imagine the grass all pressed down and curled together to create a more solid surface. Well that is artificial grass for gyms. It is often used for sled equipment.

close up image of fully texturised turf 

We put number markings at every 5 metres

What Influences the Cost of Artificial Grass for Gyms?

The main cost comes in the design. For additional number and line markings these would be an additional cost so if you want a cost effective solution we suggest to keep markings to a minimum.

white line markings and border on the gym mat 

Every 1 metre was marked with a white line

My Gym?

What is great about artificial grass for gyms is that they are bespoke and catered to each individual gym. This means that you can decide exactly what you want, so get thinking and imagine what can become of your gym.

artificial grass for gym mat in red 

Truly attention-grabbing!

Send over your designs, initial thoughts or specification to and we can discuss the whole process with you. Or if you would prefer, call us on 01642 713 555