Roadway Playground Surface-Artificial Turf

17th March 2016

Roadways have been around for a number of years in school playgrounds and we are sure that this is because schools know the benefits of them. As technology develops the concrete and tarmac surfaces on playgrounds are being pushed out and synthetic turf playground surfaces are taking their place. Gone are the days of hard concrete, cold surfaces and scraped knees. Synthetic turf on playgrounds is usually coupled with shock pads to cushion falls and create a safe play area for all children to enjoy. Today we are looking at roadways as these are a popular choice in our playground surfaces.

Roadway playground surface in artificial grass 

Roadways are popular in nursery areas

EPIC Artificial Turf

For our roadway playground surfaces we use a specific non abrasive turf. This is softer, looser and less dense than typical synthetic turf therefore creating a safe play environment for the students. In addition, it is hard wearing, low maintenance and we provide trip free edging to ensure you have the best playground surface possible.

Roadway playground surface painted on tarmac 

This image was taken at a primary school before artificial turf was installed. The school wanted to keep the roadway but as a different surface that was safer for pupils and low maintenance, hence that is why we use this artificial turf.

roadway surface with artificial turf 

Roadways are often used as part of PE sessions, to help pupils understand instructions more, e.g. traffic light games. And learn safety on the road with no danger.

EPIC Playground Surface

A roadway playground surface is part of our EPIC product (Education and Play in Colour), we create completely bespoke designs for your school with the roadway being a part of the design. There are a number of options to choose from in the colours that you want.

Roadway Surface with numberline 

Some schools opt for alphabet lines inside of the runway coupled with other designs

Traffic lights on playground roadway 

The addition of traffic lights can be useful for school games

Neat roadway cut around a tree 

Some schools simply want a roadway