Mini Golf Grass Course for Businesses, Schools, Sports Facilities and More!

4th May 2016

Ever just wanted something to make your business a little more attractive, somewhere for people to go on their lunch hour to let off some steam. Perhaps you are a sports facility and are looking for an addition to appeal to further target markets. Or maybe you are a school and feel children will benefit from learning skills in control, patience and ability. Well mini golf grass could be your solution!

Stokesley Golf Range

Our mini golf grass project in Stokesley at Stokesley Golf Range allowed this business (situated very close to our offices) to appeal to a wider audience and offer amateur practice of a sport that appeals to all ages. We installed mini golf grass on 12 holes on their new crazy golf course. The turf used is available in a variety of different colours and is super durable. This means that if the turf is properly maintained, the surface will last a whopping 20 years and is suitable for all different weather types. Clearly a huge asset to the local business.

Here at STM we know that installing mini golf grass should be completed with high quality professional installers, this is mainly because the base works need to be carefully levelled to allow for the mini golf to be played properly and efficiently. STM specialise in levelling the base works and providing sufficient drainage.

Take a look at the finished mini golf grass project:

multicoloured mini crazy golf grass 

Colourful mini golf grass attracts players of all ages

'U' shaped crazy golf hole in green 

We can cater to all different shapes and sizes and our team of dedicated and enthusiastic installers cut with the utmost precision.

Synthetic Golf Turf

The mini golf grass that we used to install this project is specific to golf, therefore it is softer, looser and less dense than the regular turf which was perfect for the artificial turf golf course as there will be a variety of different ages using the mini golf facility including young children. Furthermore, synthetic golf turf is available in a variety of different colours to create an attractive facility.

Zigzag mini golf design in green and red 

Artificial grass has been the most popular product for mini golf over the years

Three mini golf holes 

Golf putting green grass

Is your mini golf in need of a revamp?


Photos from Stokesley Golf Range