History of Synthetic Turf

15th October 2012

It seems that over the past few years more places decide to implement artificial turf into their facilities, but why and where has this all come from? In today’s news we are looking at the history of this innovative product.

Where did synthetic turf come from?

The first large scale sports synthetic turf pitch was installed in 1965 in the Astrodome, Houston, Texas. The use of the product became widespread both outdoors and indoors in the 1970s in the USA, mainly for baseball and American Football however the first synthetic turf systems were hard and didn’t have the aesthetics of natural grass.

Synthetic turf got a second impulse in 1976. During the Olympic games of Montréal (Canada), hockey matches were played on a nylon synthetic turf. Over the past decades, new developments in synthetic turf for hockey have been introduced, resulting in various types of water based, sand dressed and sand filled systems. Most hockey competitions are now played on synthetic turf and the introduction of synthetic turf has significantly changed the sport of hockey, making the game faster and enabling new playing techniques.

In the 1980’s the industry started to design synthetic turf specifically for football. The systems were designed with a short pile and sand infill.

In the 1990’s the first synthetic turf systems with sand and rubber infill were introduced. The player’s comfort became more and more important in the design of new football systems.

The newest generation of synthetic turf combines the playing characteristics and look & feel of natural turf, with the advantages of synthetic turf. The use for football is now supported by UEFA, FIFA and many national federations.

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