Funding for your Synthetic Surface

27th April 2016

There are often many restrictions in achieving that beautiful synthetic surface that you have longed for to make your activity/sport facilities stand out and promote an active lifestyle, but did you know that the cost doesn’t have to be a restriction? With so many different funding options to choose from you can turn 2016 into the year you implemented that bespoke custom designed facility that pushed your establishment to the very top!


Earlier today, one of our affiliated bodies, SAPCA published an informative newsletter that pulled a number of resources together to help you secure the funding that you need. SAPCA share the same values as Synthetic Turf Management, especially as we both encourage the use of the best technology in order to improve all sports facilities in the UK. Which is exactly what we do every day with our synthetic surfaces!


SAPCA’s Logo

We are going to talk through some of these funding options today and what they entail.

Football Funding

Football synthetic surfaces are very popular at STM as this popular sport is often played in the majority of schools in the UK. We offer a variety of different types of artificial turf including 3G. FIFA approves of our turf products as they are made from soft, non-abrasive fibres to hug the ball and allow sliding tackles. The pitch is infilled with a layer of rubber to add resilience and give a controlled ball bounce.

3G Football pitch 

This 3G pitch was installed at Northfields School, to read more about this story please click here.

Football synthetic surfaces allow the sport to be played in all weather conditions meaning there are no ‘called-off’ games. In addition, the surfaces require very low maintenance and we provide all pitch markings. We can also recommend the best floodlights from our partner Sports Lighting Company.

Football Foundation facilities Grant

This form of funding is specifically for football facilities and you can even use this for artificial turf pitches. The maximum amount of funding available is £500,000 and applicants are only expected to secure 50% of the project costs which can make the installation of a football pitch much more manageable in terms of costs. Bear in mind that it could take up to 30 weeks to process the grant so get applying!

(Note this funding can also be used for MUGAs)

Football Foundation-The Premier League and the FA Facilities Fund

This type of funding is great for the maintenance of your football synthetic surface as the grant sets out to make improvements to facilities, prevent health and safety issues and ensure there is not a decline in football participation.

The grant has a maximum value of £10,000

Tennis Funding

STM synthetic surfaces are applied to a number of different sports, including Tennis. Our artificial turf is approved by the International Tennis Federation and is made from a short pile to take spin and offer excellent grip. We can also install seating/shelter and fencing/lighting options for your tennis facilities.

outdoor synthetic tennis surface in green and rust 

Outdoor tennis surfacing

Lawn Tennis Association- Grant and Loan Funding

If you can show that investing in a synthetic surface for tennis that will increase the number of adults and juniors in this fantastic sport, then this could be the funding for you. The Lawn Tennis Association will support outdoor projects which is great for synthetic surfaces from STM. For club houses, you could get funding of up to £100,000. It’s worth a try!

Rugby Funding

We have recently seen a boom in interest of people taking up the sport of rugby. Synthetic surfaces can cater a rugby pitch and here at STM out products are recognised by the International Rugby Federation. The technical aspects of the turf are that it is made from long non-abrasive fibres and infilled with a layer of recycled rubber. In addition, the turf is fitted with an underlying pad to absorb impact. Bespoke pitch marking options are also available.

England rugby logo mat at Twickenham 

Twickenham synthetic turf logo mat

Rugby Football Foundation Interest Free Loan Scheme

Offering a maximum value of £100,000 this interest free loan scheme could be the funding for you as it helps to finance capital projects that will encourage more people to develop their rugby skills. There is a maximum loan repayment period of 15 years so if you are struggling for funding and don’t like the idea of being charged copious amounts of interest we recommend you apply for this.

There are all sorts of other different funding options for sports, playgrounds and other activities.