Making a Mark (Quite Literally!) in The Top Tiers of English Football with Football Touchline Fitting Using Artificial Grass

8th August 2017

Ever wondered about that small area next to the football pitch used for officials and spectators of the match? The chances are...these are not noticeable, or if they are it is for the wrong reasons. This area is just as important as the actual playing field but is often left neglected; muddy, patchy and even uneven in some places which could be a huge hazard if the player slides onto it. STM football touchline fitting has been used for many professional clubs to transform the sides of the pitch.

artificial turf touchlines at wigan stadium with white line borderThe touchline box at Wigan Athletic DW Stadium

Artificial turf is used for touchlines because not only is it designed to look and feel like real grass, so it blends in with the height of the pitch grass, but it is also renowned for being heavy wearing and long lasting. It can also withstand the sliding tackles that may occasionally slip away from the playing field.
Here are some of the football touchline projects we have done for the game:

Villa Park Touchlines

Who Plays? Aston Villa FC in Birmingham (Championship Division)

Installation Date? July 2016

Product Information? Rust touchlines with white line markings

Aston Villa rust touchlines Villa Park Artificial Grass Touchlines

DW Stadium Touchlines 

Who Plays? Wigan Athletic FC (League One Division)

Installation Date? May 2015

Product Information? Green touchlines with white line markings and an artificial turf logo in tunnel walkway

wigan athletic logo mat on the artificial turf green touchlinesLogos can be included as part of the fitting

City Ground Touchlines

Who Plays? Nottingham Forest FC (Championship Division)

Installation Date? July 2017

Product Information? Red touchlines with white line markings which extends inside the tunnel. Currently in the process of creating bespoke logos to be fitted into this

Nottingham Forest red touchlines at City GroundFor all the fans to admire! It really does bring a little something extra to the stadium

Football touchline fitting is completely bespoke to any stadium/team so no matter what size the area is, there is always a way to transform it. Available in a variety of different colours the turf can fit into the brand colours of the team.

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