Artificial Turf Technical Area Revisited by STM

13th January 2016

Last year Synthetic Turf Management were at Wigan Athletics DW Stadium installing a stunning artificial turf technical area and touchline and this week we revisited this work during a trip to the thrilling game between Wigan and Sheffield United.

When we completed the work at Wigan Athletic we updated everyone with a blog and a fantastic time lapse of the installation. This blog covered all the installation process and the unique requirements at the DW Stadium.

As the DW hosts professional rugby and football they needed an installation that would fit into the regulations for both. STM use turf that is recognised by FIFA, the FIH, and the IRB so it meets the regulations to be laid alongside professional sports pitches as its critical fall heights are fully tested so we had the perfect product for this project.

Artificial turf technical area at Wigan Athletic 

Artificial Turf Technical area at Wigan Athletic when we first installed it this summer.

Artificial turf touchlines at Wigan Athletic 

Artificial turf touchline’s at the DW stadium as part of our project at Wigan.

The final outcome looked great, and last night we got the opportunity to revisit this work as part of our corporate sponsorship with Wigan Athletic.

This was a great time to visit the artificial turf technical areas and touchline’s as the recent weather would act as the perfect test for them. As everyone probably knows from the news the recent heavy rain has caused havoc for football clubs across the country with games being called off for water logged pitches. This has made natural grass impossible to maintain and groundsman face the impossible job of trying to keep pitches in playable conditions in very unique weather circumstances.

artificial turf touchlines with staff stood on during play 

Artificial Turf Technical area from our seats at the Wigan vs Sheffield united game. The technical areas and touchline’s look great despite the heavy rain.

With Artificial grass this is made much easier. The photos taken from last night where taken in heavy rain, and as you can see the artificial turf touchline’s still look great. Where natural grass has been holding water in the heavy rain the artificial turf technical areas haven’t held any, and with artificial turf there’s no mud, so there will be no mess no matter how bad the weather gets.

We had the great opportunity to meet up with the groundsmen and stadium mangers during our visit and they are all just as happy with the work now as they were when it was first completed, especially as they have had a chance to see it some really bad weather conditions which is when artificial turf technical areas and touchline’s really stand out as an essential product for football league clubs.

Wigan Athletic artificial turf logo mat 

Artificial Turf Technical area complete with a STM artificial turf logo mat.

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