Artificial Grass for this summer in the North East

16th May 2013

Why you should consider synthetic grass (also referred to as *Astro Turf)

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Artificial grass is an alternative considered by many people across the world to traditional growing grass, mainly due to its promise of water-free maintenance. The raw materials used are basically plastics that are processed and treated to conform to the requirements needed from natural grass. Artificial grass are also made UV and fire-resistant to improve the quality. The uses of grass ranges between mere aesthetics value and functionality desired. Some residents would like to have manicured lawns to improve the value of their property.

Garden landscaping with block paving

Synthetic Turf Installation Specialists

In addition, it also prevents the soil from being washed away during rainy seasons. In the past, all of these use natural growing grass. Maintenance are sustained regularly through watering, fertilizer application and constant mowing. Some have even extensive water sprinkler setup in place in the attempts to modernize the watering method.

All these steps are necessary to prevent overgrowth or undergrowth of grasses. Both cases are unsightly and may drive away people because it shows neglect on the surroundings. Another problem usually encountered in grass or turf maintenance is the naturally occurring brown patches of land wherein the grass has grown very thin due to heavy foot traffic or shade.

stepping stones amongst a muddy and patchy garden 

Transform your garden with Lion Lawns synthetic Grass

These and more are addressed effectively thru synthetic grass. When you buy turf, it is essentially the end of your grass-related maintenance cost. Once installed in the desired area, one does not need to perform all the laborious tasks mentioned above just so to maintain the desired appearance of the turf. The research, technology and manufacturing of synthetic turf reduces the cost which makes it affordable for any home. It is actually easy to get a perfect lawn, just contact Synthetic Turf Management’s Landscaping Division Lion Lawns in the North East for a free no obligation garden measure, design and quote.

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Lion Lawns Synthetic Grass 100% pet friendly

Now everybody can afford and have the benefits of a great all year round green and usable lawn. Lion Lawns the North East’s number 1 in synthetic grass. Synthetic Turf

*Management Ltd are not associated with Astro Turf which is a registered trademark.

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