Artificial Turf Gym Flooring Set for Amsterdam

16th March 2017

Gym flooring can often be very difficult to find. Not only do you need something that is super-safe, with everyone pushing their limits at the gym, but you also need something long lasting and durable due to the frequency that it gets used. You may have tried rubber flooring before but this can often be slippery and unable to withstand heavy equipment. Have you thought about artificial turf gym flooring before?

UP Fitness Gym Flooring

You may have already heard about our gym flooring that we sent all the way to Dubai at the beginning of the year, well our clients were just so impressed with the end product that they asked us to complete yet another project for them at their gym in Amsterdam. UP Fitness (or Ultimate Performance) are an international company who specialise in improving body composition. They wanted vibrant gym flooring to reflect their brand and coincide with the interior if their gym.

STM delivered…

The red and white gym flooring was completed with our specialist British manufactured multi-sport artificial turf. The fully texturised pile ensures the product is long lasting, (and it looks great too!)

left view of the gym mat with large U and P lettering

 UP Fitness have chosen STM as their number one choice for their gym mats

right view of UP white logo on red background 

Something so simple can be an asset to any gym

Artificial turf is a very popular product for many gyms all over the world however many simply do not know that it is a very appropriate product for many gym activities including sleds. Find out more information as you journey through our website and find out what artificial turf flooring is all about…

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