Tennis Court Companies

Having been in the industry for more than 20 years, STM has over the years, gained all the experience necessary, to become the leading company in the UK for artificial turf tennis court construction and installers. We understand that tennis courts must be durable and usable throughout the year, which is why we only use high tech, synthetic turf, approved by the International Tennis Federation, that gives outstanding grip and spin.

What are the benefits of artificial grass tennis courts?

All tennis clubs, from amateur through to professional, are noticing the benefits of artificial tennis courts. The technology in synthetic turf production has increased to such an extent, that these days, not only the players, but tennis clubs too, can enjoy the benefit of having a facility available for tennis training and playing, all through the year! This is a fantastic way for clubs to generate constant revenue from members.

Choosing the right tennis court builder

Since there are many tennis court builders in the UK, it can be somewhat overwhelming to choose a company to install your facility. Tennis is one of the largest sporting activities in the world and is growing in popularity every day, so it is essential that you get the right company from the start.

According to recent studies, there has been a 14% increase in the number of people who play tennis and a 5% increase in club memberships. This shows, without a doubt, that the demand for tennis courts is getting even higher.

It is important to bear this in mind when you are looking for a tennis court installer, that you opt for a company of professionals who will provide you with a top-class tennis court that will always offer the highest level of performance.

Why is artificial turf so special?

Unlike real grass, artificial turf does not grow, dry out, or get muddy so the maintenance in its upkeep is minimal, making it a fantastic option for tennis courts. It always resembles a perfectly manicured lawn, is durable and can be used throughout the year, in all weather conditions. In short, it increases the value of your courts as well as the services of your facility in all four seasons of the year.

Why hire STM?

We have all the experience and skills necessary and understand how important the design and construction of the court is to our client and will go all out to provide him/her with the type of professional court he/she is looking for. Our expert consultants will give you the best advice as to how to approach the design and construction of your court and make use of all the latest technology regarding surface and equipment advances.

We have a skilled team with a wide variety of options to choose from, to help you get the most from your space. These include everything from size, markings, colour, fencing, lighting positions, as well as gates.

STM also uses money-saving tennis innovations to make sure that our services are within our client’s budget.

Apart from guiding you through the initial procedure of the design of your court, we will also provide you with value-for-money tennis court innovations, to make sure that the cost of the project is within your budget.

If you need to have an old tennis court resurfaced, or are considering the construction of a new court, then look no further than Synthetic Turf Management/STM. We can offer an entire package to suit your individual wants and needs!