London Sled Track for Revolution PT


Summer 2016 has been the busiest yet for an artificial grass sled track, there has been a huge boom within the industry and it seems that gyms and leisure facilities simply can’t get enough of this multi-purpose piece of equipment. This brings us to our Revolution Personal Training Installation in London where a beautiful sea blue 2 lane gym mat made its debut!

All our sled tracks are manufactured in Britain and designed in our warehouse in Stokesley, North Yorkshire. These are then transported to the facility ready for delivery or in this case, installation. So, our team headed to the city of London and began preparing for installation. This is a very important part of the process to secure the new track to the floor and avoid any obstacles to make it a safe environment with trip free edging and a secure mat.

A specialist artificial turf glue is used to ensure the mat will be permanent and long lasting.

The sled track is rolled out and secured to the gym floor surface.

With a bevelled edge this gym mat looks incredible and was a huge hit at the central London gym.

Our sled tracks are super durable and are built to withstand heavy footfall including the use of sleds and rigorous gym activity.

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