Curraghmoor All-Weather Pitch


All too familiar with unused space in your garden that you are not sure what to do with. Here is how we turned an unused natural grass area into a fantastic MUGA for the whole family to enjoy!

Creating all-weather pitches (commonly referred to as MUGAs) are a speciality of ours. We were tasked with the job of creating a multi-sport surface for our domestic clients in Curraghmoor, Worcestershire. This full build installation showed that you really can have access to a number of different sports on just one small area.


The Dig Out

A full build means that STM actually created the whole base for the new surface. Originally a natural grassed area, this needed to be removed and levelled. A thorough examination of the base works is completed prior to the job commencing to ensure appropriate drainage.

Specialist machinery is used to provide the perfect base

Membrane Layer

A good quality membrane is crucial in a project such as this.  

It stops any potential weeds from penetrating the new surface. 

On the right is the membrane layer that we use before the stone base. It is known for being super strong and of the highest quality. 

Stone Base

After the membrane a stone base is created and compacted to provide a sturdy base. We built the base using 150mm of compacted type 3, 40mm base course and 25mm binder course tarmac.

Installing the carpet

Artificial Grass 

With all of our all-weather pitches, STM use artificial turf. This is because we think it is the most effective in performance, can be used for multi-sport and if looked after properly has the longevity and durability to provide the perfect surface. We use turf that is approved by various sporting bodies; quality is key.

A total of 450 square metres of artificial grass were used in the project as the pitch measured 30m x 15m.

The grass comes on rolls like a carpet, this is fitted onto the stone base.

Court Markings

Included in the design were line markings which are cut into the carpet. Tennis, football and basketball are now fully accessible on this surface.

Sanding the surface where the new line markings are. Sand is an important part of the process as it protects the artificial turf yarn.

MUGAs and All-Weather Pitches for Your Home

All-weather pitches are becoming much more popular for the domestic sector, they are a low maintenance alternative to natural grass and look incredible.

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