Wave Goodbye to Muddy Fields with Artificial Grass

6th November 2014

Muddy hell! It’s getting to that time of year again when the temperature drops and the skies open for never ending periods of rain. We also then welcome the not so glorious muddy fields, and of course, messy children when they come back into the classroom after playing football at lunchtime. How can we stop this from happening, you ask? How can we keep our playgrounds and fields looking clean all year round, you say? Say hello to artificial grass...

muddy soccer shoes of a child player during a football match in a playing field full of mud

School playgrounds and playing fields need to remain fit for purpose throughout the seasons, and as well as looking the part, they also have to be extremely durable and long lasting. Although we love the beauty of real grass and the aesthetics of tarmac and lovingly laid wood chips, they don’t exactly meet all of the important criteria for a children’s play area, not to mention the impracticality of them. As well as being painstakingly high maintenance, they are mostly not fit for purpose in any way whatsoever.

Does your school sports field go bald and patchy in winter?

Yes, we thought so! This is an unfortunate feature of having a playing field with real grass. With frequent play times, a field can go from looking stunning to ugly. As well as looking rather unsightly, muddy patches can also present many dangers to your pupils as there is an increased risk of slips, trips and falls. So, what are the options?

Laying tarmac over the full sports field is definitely not a feasible or realistic option as it can become water logged and blister. It is also not colourful and doesn’t provide any fun for children wanting to make the most of their playtime. This opens doors for a much more practical surface such as artificial grass, which we can help with!

Why choose artificial grass?

The ultimate reason for choosing artificial grass over any other alternative surface is that it is suitable for both playing fields and playgrounds. It’s also a realistic looking field which is safe for children to play sports on and is also durable and requires less maintenance; as well as being a preventative of serious injuries. The flexibility of an artificial playground far outweighs the reasons to keep your traditional surfaces such as grass and tarmac.

artificial grass muga by STM

During the winter months, artificial grass eradicates the awful event in which children start trudging dirty mud throughout the school and ruining their uniforms. Artificial grass also has many other positive qualities such as:

  • It can be placed in areas where real grass cannot grow
  • It is extremely durable, making it last for years under excessive use for running and other sports
  • It is low maintenance so it doesn’t need mowing or watering
  • It doesn’t get muddy, patchy or die
  • It is a great investment for schools and playgrounds as it reduces cost in the long run

Synthetic Turf Management are experts in the design and installation of artificial grass pitches and playgrounds. From EPIC surfaces to MUGAs, we have solutions for every play area you are looking to transform.

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