Walsall FC Pitch Uplift and Removal

21st October 2016

Synthetic Turf Management have been very busy this week with our pitch uplift and removal of league one football team Walsall FC’s training/academy pitch. We are thrilled to announce that we will be completing a complete resurfacing of the pitch and we will be blogging about this over the coming weeks.

Pitch Uplift and Removal

But let’s get back to it. This week we saw the pitch uplift and removal of the football club’s existing football surface which can be a tricky job if not done properly. STM can provide the full install from start to finish which includes taking up the exisiting pitch.

6300 metres squared of synthetic turf need to be removed properly. This is because they will be very heavy due to the wet weather and over time contaminants build up within the surface. This means they are difficult to handle and manage but as we pride ourselves on our health and safety standards at STM and are always looking at professional development to improve, this isn’t a problem for our team of installers and we are fully trained in the matter!

The artificial turf is cut up into smaller and more manageable pieces with a specialist cutting machine.

It is then rolled up and ready to be disposed of.

removing the old astroturf pitch  

Rolls are cut up into smaller sections to be more easily managed

machinery transporting old rolls away from the pitch

the whole pitch uplift showing rolls of astroturf on pitch

We always strive to dispose of artificial turf after our pitch uplifts in the most environmentally friendly way and are always researching ways to improve the strategy.

all rolls stacked up waiting to be removed

This will then leave a surface ready to have brand new synthetic turf installed on. At STM we always ensure that the base works are sufficient enough for the install, this is because it is the key to ensure the surface’s longevity and durability for the future.

astroturf pitch removed ready for resurfacing 

The completed pitch uplift ready for the new 3G

In the next edition, you will see how our specialist football surface is installed to withstand heavy use and maximise performance due to the diamond shaped soft grass that encourages blade recovery after use.

Don’t forget to stay up to date with our blog to find out what happens next!

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