Twin Sled Track Fit for Training with Pro Gym Turf

13th August 2018

We have been non-stop with gym mats over the last month, from branded gym turf to these twin green sled tracks.

Many gyms have different premises over the country such as UP Fitness and Fitness First. Both of which we have supplied pro gym turf flooring to. It is common that they may want the same type of design to coincide with their overall branding and that is why we were recently asked to create two identical gym turf tracks.

The green sled tracks with white line markings

The Specification:

  • 21 square metres (1.5m x 14m)
  • Pro Gym Turf
  • White line markings
  • Numbers from 1 to 10
  • Green design

Numbers are a great way to map out gym activities such as bleep tests and measuring the distance of pulling your sled or prowler.

Remember: All of our tracks are created completely from scratch, so this is the opportunity to get creative and have something for your gym that is bespoke and reflects your brand values.

Enquire today for more information by calling 01642 713 555 or email our Corporate Manager Holly Clements at: