Tennis Court Resurfacing in York

3rd November 2015

Synthetic Turf Management has been in York transforming a private Tennis court with our British manufactured Advantage PRO; our leading artificial turf tennis surface. The new rolls arrived last month and we were able to begin this exciting tennis court resurfacing soon after.

The existing court was a tarmac surface with painted lines. The regular need and expense of having court markings repainted has made more people seek synthetic turf tennis surfaces as they never need remarking and with specialist products like Advantage PRO tennis courts can get a professional finish that plays as good as the pro courts.

In York the existing court was worn and dull. The crumbling court needed a new lease of life and that’s where STM came in to complete the full tennis court resurface. As you can see in the images below the old tarmac court looks worn and faded when compared to the artificial turf surface when laid on top.

Tennis court resurface before and after rolling out artificial turf 

The old tennis court surface can be seen under the new turf after its been rolled out. The old court looks very uninviting compared to the artificial tennis turf used by STM.

joining two pieces of artificial turf carpet 

Here’s another shot of the old tennis court under the new tennis turf. The existing painted lines had become worn and it isn’t as clear as the new artificial turf markings are; and they wont fade like the existing painted markings.

The project began with the patching up and refurbishment of the existing tarmac surface. One of the main benefits of a tennis court resurfacing job is that the base works don’t need to be installed as the existing foundations can be used after they have had the necessary maintenance and refurbishments. This saves costs for our clients and it makes the whole resurfacing work smoother and more time efficient.

We than began the tennis court resurfacing using Advantage PRO, our leading tennis turf surface. This product is popular with tennis clubs and private courts because it uses exclusive fibre technology to guarantee the same industry leading performance but with an additional 29% longer life span. For this surface the client opted for a traditional green turf with white markings but we can also offer this product in rust (clay) and blue.

When the turf arrives onsite its up to our highly trained installers to lay, join and then cut the new tennis markings into the surface. As our turf comes on 4 meter rolls its important that the grass is joined together with precision so joins are strong, even and not visible.

artificial turf joining process 

Firstly our turf is laid with precision and measured to ensure everything is accurately lined up. Then we lay a strip of glue and begin to join the turf until it is secure. As you see in the above image the final join isn’t visible which is always the goal when installing artificial grass.

After we had laid the new tennis surface we needed to cut in the tennis court markings. For this we use a white lining material turf and cut these markings into the turf so that the court markings will never fade or wear away, and they will last the same length of time as the whole courts lifespan which is a major advantage over the traditional painted court markings.

tennis court cutting in white markings  

The court markings are laid out on the court in their correct positions. We take extra care at this stage to ensure that all the tennis markings are correct. 

Cutting in synthetic turf line markings 

We then use specialist cutting tools to carefully cut the turf and fit the makings into the turf.

court markings joining them together 

Another view of the way we cut the turf with our specialist cutting tools.

corner of newly installed tennis court 

The final court markings look great in the new tennis court surface.

The final stage of the tennis court resurface in York was to sand the surface. Synthetic surfaces are sanded as the sand supports the turfs pile offering greater support for the turf while improving the performance of the surface.

Sanding the new tennis court using a special machine 

Tennis court resurfacing almost at completion. The final stage involves sanding and and brushing in the sand.

The completed tennis court resurfacing at York looked great. STM are specialists in all areas of court installation, resurfacing and maintenance.

The complete tennis court resurface 

The court almost completed. Once the sand has been fully brushed in and its giving some time to settle the court will be ready for play. 

To learn more about our service offerings to the tennis sector visit our Tennis Section or enquire online. Alternatively you can call our head offices on 01642 713 555.

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