Synthetic Turf Gym Mat Finished for Fitness First

2nd November 2016

Have you heard of Fitness First? Well we are so pleased that we have completed yet another synthetic turf gym mat for one of their UK gyms! In fact, just this week it was sent from our warehouse in North Yorkshire and is currently making its way to the gym.

Why Gym Mats?

We have seen a huge demand in gym mats this year as we see an increase in gym-goers. Now you can walk into any high-street fashion store and be sure that they will sell some sort of gym wear clothing. It seems more people are paying attention to exercise and see this as an important part of everyday life! This is fantastic to see as it is in our company values that we strive to encourage everyone to be more active. One of the most popular ways of doing this is indeed going to the gym! But what would the gym be without a bit of synthetic turf?

Fitness First, Gym Way and Revolution PT are amongst some of the clients we have supplied our bespoke gym mats for and the finished results not only look great but perform very well, even used as sled tracks to withstand equipment and be very durable!

 Why Synthetic Turf Gym Mats?

At Synthetic Turf Management, the benefits stretch far and wide, one of the deciding factors is that they are completely bespoke! Fit into any shape/size and you can design it yourself. Fitness First decided on a red 2 lane gym mat with markings at 5 and 10 metres.

full length view of a red astroturf gym mat with white gym track markings 

Not the first gym mat STM have completed for Fitness First

two lane red gym mat 

Two lane artificial turf gym mat

number 5 and 10 cut into astroturf gym mat 

Not all artificial turf types can be used for gym mats, but STM use a multi sport product that is durable enough to withstand sleds and heavier use

The high quality artificial turf is suitable for gyms due to several of its properties:

  • Super durable and non-abrasive turf
  • Trip free edging
  • Available in a variety of different colours/designs
  • All weather proof! (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Fully texturised pile height

We are sure that Fitness First will be very happy with their brand-new gym mat, just like all the others we have provided for them in the past!

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