East Cleveland School Gets a Playground Makeover

16th December 2014

November has been a very busy month for us, in that we have been working like crazy to finish our current projects before the Christmas break including this school playground. Here is just one school that we have been working on...

Newcomen Primary School - Redcar

Newcomen Primary School MUGA CAD design

One of the projects that we have been working away on is Newcomen Primary School in Redcar, Cleveland. Earlier this year, the school applied for planning to build a 620m2 MUGA, which was to include multi sport activities for KS1 and KS2 children in January 2014. After a matter of time, the planning was gladly approved and we were able to go in and begin transforming the school in the last weekend in November.

Newcomen Primary School plan CAD design

The Multi Use Games Area is located on an existing school field so there was a lot of initial clearing work to carry out before we could actually start installing the playground. This included installing a drainage system for water to flow out, and a full base construction incorporating dynamic stone to create the best foundations possible. A dynamic base is an unbound stone aggregate and is built in layers to ensure that the area is fully compacted and meets British standards. The build will also include a pin kerb perimeter, as well as pathways leading to the MUGA to create a safe entrance way for the children.

The design includes a 3 metre sports fencing system, which is partially installed at the moment, and includes a surrounding kick board and basketball recess. The surface itself is going to be an STM EPIC green with various line markings so that many different sports can be played.

The usage for the sports surface is primarily for the school to enrich children’s lives with a fun playground area that they can enjoy all year round. Another reason that they have invested in this MUGA is to increase community access to sport with an endorsement from Sport England as part of a community usage programme.

The fantastic part of this installation is that the head teacher of the school actually told us that when she worked at Skelton Primary School, STM also installed a MUGA there. She was so impressed with the quality of products and the workmanship that went into it that she was keen on transforming her current school with a Multi Use Games Area, too.

Newcomen School MUGA new fencing being installed 

A work in progress: The fencing around the soon to be MUGA

new basketball hoop install 

The basketball recess being built

Once the MUGA is finished, we will be sure to let you see the finishing product!

We are also working on Good Shepherd RC Primary School in London once again, as well as Forest Oak Primary School in Birmingham, which we will tell you about soon!

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