Sand and Sea at ST Saviours Nursery Playground

7th December 2015

You may have already read our first blog on our recent artificial turf MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) installed at St Saviours Primary School in Birmingham. But today we’re talking about the new nursery playground!

View from seating area onto St Savious Green MUGA with red border 

This is the first project we completed at St Saviours. Visit our news section or follow the link above to learn more about this installation. 

After completing our first exciting project at the midlands based school we were asked to come back and transform the nursery playground area into a safe, colourful all weather playground.

The existing nursery playground was a concrete area that had some simply painted markings on it. Obviously concrete surfaces aren’t ideal for nursery areas as young children run and play on them. Concrete is cold and hard and trips and falls can lead to serious injury which puts the young children at risk when playing.

St Saviours nursery playground before with concrete ground and painted markings 

The nursery playground before STM came in. As you can see this isn’t the best environment for children to play in.

Painted playground roadway onto concrete 

Another look at the area before. We wanted to turn this playground from grey to great with STM’s artificial turf. 

This is why Synthetic Turf Management came in to help transform this area into something more appropriate for a nursery playground with our all-weather artificial turf. The British manufactured artificial turf is perfect for nurseries as we can use a range of colours to design amazing spaces.

At St Saviours they wanted a river with a beach to form a colourful beach scene; and that’s exactly what we gave them. We converted their grey, dull playground into a new colourful area that the children love. The fun colours and designs help children interact with outdoor learning and exercise from a young age and the all-weather properties of artificial turf means play never has to stop no matter how bad the weather gets.

St Saviour Playground nursery area in artificial turf

 We used our coloured artificial grass to create a stunning all weather play with a beach and river.

St Saviours Playground blue sea theme and land in green artificial turf 

The new playground at St Saviours. The river adds a splash of colour to the nursery and the kids love it. 

The final outcome looked great as you can see. The new playground is a great environment for young children to enjoy outdoor play.

STM love transforming nursery and primary school areas. We are so passionate about this that we created EPIC (Education and Play In Colour); which is our artificial grass system for engaging young children in outdoor learning using artificial grass. St Saviours is one of many playground surfaces that we have transformed with in Midlands.

EPIC playground roadway central to colourful plastic fencing 

An example of some of the EPIC work we do in schools with artificial grass. Contact us to learn more.

If your school has ever considered using artificial turf STM can help by offering a free consultation. This will be at your school site and we can answer any questions you may have as well as supplying a free, no obligations quote.

To learn more about our work in nursery playground’s Contact Us Online, or call our head offices on 01642 713 555 or you can email us at

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